Saturday, June 02, 2012

Treeeeee --- mendous Friday

The call we all had been waiting for came yesterday morning -- the tree removal team was on their way!  Their plan was to stay for as long as it took to take down the 4 remaining trees at Don's.  The weather was perfect - for them.  Cloudy skies, a light drizzle now and then and a high temperature of 59!  For June 1.

The Southern Baptists know how to take down trees --- huge trees!  They brought their boom truck and loaded on their trailer was the grapple.  In the above photo they already have 2 of the 4 gone!

As soon as we knew the team was on their way the call was made to Shannon, who works with Monty, to get his trailer to the site.  He heats with wood and even runs their water heater off wood so he was more than willing to have the men load as much as possible onto his trailer.  John stopped by and got put to work going with Shannon to unload and come back and reload.  Before the end of the day Shannon and John had taken 3 huge (and I mean huge) loads of wood to his house.  Now all he needs to do is cut it into usable pieces and he is set for quite some time.

The local Bloomington Baptist church provided a wonderful lunch for the crew.  We brought out a few chairs onto Don's front porch and they were able to sit and take a break and enjoy some food and fellowship.  Thanks to the cooking crew at the church for going all out!

George really knew how to use the grapple!  He literally wrangled the remaining tree debris to the back of Don's property -- which is already a tree line -- and piled them up for anyone who wants to to come and start cutting and removing.

By the end of a very long day the team was worn out and yet blessed.  You can see by all the smiles that God had shined on them -- and the property -- all day long!  Mark (far left) was thrilled that the rains had made it possible for him to be there all day.  When it rains he can't work so what better way to spend the day than blessing someone else! 

And the results ---- the house just seems to have popped up out of the ground!  Before it was almost covered with trees and now - as Don put it, "I have my drive way back, and alot more!"

And now -- I promised Don that we HAVE to make it really pretty since it shows up so nicely and everyone driving by will see! 

Everyone will see that what they said couldn't be done --- God is doing and WILL do!!!!!!

Until next time . . . today I'm off to Michael's . . . so stay tuned!                    Susan and Monty

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