Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Are you serious??????

First of all -- an urgent prayer request!

Our own Pastor Dave's 2 year old granddaughter is in Riley Hospital for Children with something going on in her chest area.  It could be extremely serious and testing is being done as I write this so please cover Lily and her entire family with prayers for complete healing and a full recovery!!!!  God is the God of healing and we are holding Him to that promise!!

And now on to today . . . one of those divine appointment days that truly blows my hair back!

How would you like to go on a mission trip to Hawaii?  Yes, I am serious!

After my weekly Bible study this morning I had lunch with Sus and Bev.  The last time we did that was when we decided God could rebuild the mobile home for Michael so when the 3 of us get together . . .

This afternoon was another of those days!  Sus and her husband used to live in Maui and made some wonderful connections there which they maintain today.  One of those is with a couple who have been running a program very similar to Teen Challenge.  If you are not familiar with that  -- it's a live in rehabilitation program for mainly teens.  Their Biblical based program has a success rate in the 90% plus range.  Monty and I got very familiar with this program and some of those who lead them while we were in the Gulf Coast. 

This couple in Maui has been operating with only office space thus no live in arrangements could be made with their clients.  That has now changed.  A miracle happened and they were able to purchase a facility -- but that facility has been vacant for many years and in need of numerous repairs. 

This is where YOU come in!!!!!  We need volunteers to go over and help with the rebuilding process.  The housing will be taken care of along with transportation to and from the local airport, which is the city of Kahului. 

If you would like to see and read more info on this program and Alton and Linda please go to their website at www.houseofnewlife.org

This facility will allow them to house up to  kids and  full time staff.  Both Alton and Linda are trained Christian counselors with years of experience.  The building itself has sustained water damage in quite a few areas.  It is a  story building.  Alton and Linda have never rebuilt anything and are feeling more than overwhelmed.  With everything from electrical to plumbing to carpentry work to be done --- we need all the volunteers we can get!

They are also trying to raise funding to purchase the materials to get the rebuilding done.

I would ask that you check out the website, take this to prayer, ask me questions if you have them and then let me know where God would have you help out.

They are scheduled to open on September 1st of this year so volunteers are needed now through August.

So . . . this is your chance . . . if you've ever wanted to go to Hawaii . . . this is the time!

As I said, if you have questions please leave a comment here or if you have my phone just give me a call.

This is an incredible project that really will allow Alton and Linda to change/save the lives of soooo many!!!!!

Until next time . . . prayers for Lily and prayers as to how you can help with this project!
Blessings and thanks to all of you.                                     Susan and Monty

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