Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Answered Prayers all around

First of all --- the doctors at Riley Hospital for Children in Indianapolis have ruled OUT cancer in Lily!!!!!!  There are no words to describe the relief the family is feeling!

They will continue to do testing to try and pinpoint exactly what is going on but in the meantime the family has been moved OFF the cancer floor of the hospital!

Many thanks for all the prayers and let's keep them going until Lily has whipped this whole thing!

Another answer to prayer came to me this afternoon.  A gentleman that had been referred to me called to say that he is a construction worker currently working on an Indiana University construction project here in town and would like to do some volunteer work on the side!  Music to my ears!

Then he asked the silly question, "do you have any projects that I might be able to help with?"  Is he kidding!!!!!  Do I ever!!!!

As I explained the numerous things in process he asked me which was priority and could he help on more than one????  Is this guy some angel in disguise!!??

Long conversation short -- he will be going to check out the shed that needs torn down -- just to see what tools he needs and how large of a trailer he needs to bring (like I said, angel??) before starting the tear down.

From there I plan on relocating him to Michael's where he can seal coat the roof and prime and paint the exterior and he's even interested in continuing and building the back deck and ramp!!!

And if he's still willing and able --- on to Don's he will go!!!!!!

I am still in shock --- and thanking Jesus for answering my prayers --- big time!!!!

And when I mentioned Maui ---- I think I felt the smile on his face clear through the phone!

Time will tell but for now I choose to sit back and say a few prayers of thanks and dream of what just might be!

Until next time . . . God is oh so good ---- ALL the time!                        Susan and Monty

PS   This was taken at the shooting range this past Saturday.  I'm the one 3rd from the right in case you don't recognize me!!!!  What a great day it was!!!!!

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