Monday, June 11, 2012

Happy 4th Birthday Liv

4 years ago today our granddaughter was born.

I remember the day for more than that.  We had just arrived back home the night before.  We were still working in Mississippi following hurricane Katrina and were going to take a 3 week break.

The problem?  Just a couple of days before our leaving the floods hit my hometown of Columbus.  I remember my mom calling me and telling me how water was where water had never been before and how the hospital itself was flooded and on and on and on.

So . . . we did make it to the hospital the day Liv was born and the very next day -- and all the days for the next 3 weeks -- we were in Columbus trying to help.

It ended up we relocated there and stayed for another 4 months setting up their long term recovery team and helping getting folks back home. 

In September of that year hurricane Ike hit Texas and by October we were relocated there. 

2008 was a year of alot of relocating for us.  It was the year God gave us the most beautiful granddaughter in the whole world.

As we watched her open her gifts last night and saw the joy in her face with each one and the added joy of cake and ice cream --- it made me realize just how blessed we really are!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Priceless!!!

This past weekend was spent at the shooting range where I did spend the entire day Saturday shooting the AR15 ---- with a huge bang in each shot!  It was awesome and I learned so much.  Now it's time to take what I learned and do ALOT of practicing!

Sunday I went back to my 1022 rifle and also had alot of fun!

It was hot --- it was super hot --- and I have numerous shell burns on my left arm and the back of my neck from the shells of my neighbor's gun flying up and hitting me --- but it was all worth it!!!!

Today --- a bit on the tired side but enjoying remembering . . .

Happy Birthday Liv!!!!  Enjoy your day!!!!   We love you bunches!!!!!!!

Until next time . . .                             Susan and Monty

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