Thursday, June 14, 2012

A Day with my Mom

Ready . . . Aim . . . Load . . .Breathe In . . . Breathe Out . . . Fire!

Today I got to do something that I should do alot more often.  Spend the day with my mom! 

One of my most vivid memories of being a little girl was going with my mom and my grandma shopping.  We would go to downtown Indianapolis and look in the windows at Blocks and Ayres and have such fun.  Sometimes we would even buy something.  But the fun was in the 3 of us going and spending the day together.

Today my mom and I spent the day at one of the local outlet malls, looking and occasionally buying something.  But we made a deal with ourselves that unless it was a deal of all deals we would not buy and we stuck to that deal -- and got a few really good ones!

But again, just getting to spend the day together laughing and talking was the best!

Mom --- why in the world don't we do these kind of things more often!!!!!??????

Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with Adam -- my new construction volunteer who is interested in tearing down the shed for us.  I am really anxious to meet him and get to talk with him and pray this will be another divine appointment.

Please join me in those prayers and let's see what God has in store!

Until next time . . . love to all.                                                   Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Aw...sounds like a wonderful day with your mom! Yesterday Haley and I were at a Methodist Church in C-Bus for her Young Hoosier Piano Competition audition and as we left we noticed your mom's name on a nameplate on a bench outside the entrance. So we were thinking about your mom yesterday too! :)