Friday, June 22, 2012

A Friday filled with divine appointments

The first day Adam started taking down the shed.  High and lifted up!

Yesterday -- working down under!

And at the end of this morning --- nothing but a pile of debris and the hole where the shed used to stand! 

We didn't even need to haul anything away.  Last evening a gentleman stopped by Rodger and Victoria's and told them he would be happy to come and sort through the entire pile and remove the nails and salvage anything and everything he could.  They were thrilled and so were we. 

What we did salvage?  I don't even know how many (but alot) of 2x6's that are 11 feet long!  Why?  They give us the joists for the deck on the back of Michael's!!!!

So . . . we loaded them onto the trailer Adam brought with him today and headed south to Michael's.  John was with us today since we thought we were the ones who would need to sort the pile so he hopped into Adam's truck also and away we went.

When we got to Michael's he was boxing things up in his old trailer to store them in his shed.  Some women from his church showed up and before you know it even Shep stopped by.  He is the gentleman who has said he would do the sealcoat and priming and painting of Michael's trailer!  It was a regular divine party going on!  Pastor Martie got all Spirit filled and was preaching the good news from the doorway of Michael's trailer while the men unloaded the wood!!!!! 

Adam and John got so excited they were packing the heavy boxes to and from and Adam even made one of my "wild" dreams come true by agreeing to build Buddy (Michael's big black lab) a new dog house!!!!!  And he wants to come back and build the deck and ramp after Shep gets the rest done!

From there we headed back north and needed to drop off Adam's dad's trailer at their farm.  There we got a short tour and saw the llamas and the new baby one and John and I decided if we lived there we would never leave!

We stopped and grabbed a quick burger and ate while traveling to Don's.  Adam said he would like to work tomorrow and since his work schedule next week has him off work at 2:30pm he can work the rest of the afternoon and into the evening (remember that he drives 90 minutes one way to get home)!!!!!!! 

As we pulled up to Don's he was there --- cleaning up the raccoon's mess in his kitchen.  So Don and Adam got to meet each other -- another divine appointment.  I took Adam on a tour of the house and we talked about the priorities in the rebuilding process.  When Adam said he didn't have a roofing nail gun it was Monty to the rescue answering my text and will bring both the nailer, nails and a compressor to Don's in the morning.  Adam was excited about making some real progress at Don's and I was once again in the presence of one of God's angels!!!  No doubt!!!

So we now have Shep taking over the exterior of Michael's and Adam taking over at Don's . . . until we need to reorganize once again!  I feel "at home" with having volunteers at more than one place at a time.   It's awesome!

Be sure and stay tuned as things are happening and miracles are already in place!  I can't wait to be a part of them!!!

Until next time . . . Lord, thank you for this day and Your hand of blessings!       Susan and Monty

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