Friday, June 08, 2012

Mystery Predators?

Yesterday my mother and my aunt came to visit.  We had a nice lunch (thanks Aunt Miriam) and headed to show them Don's house and his progress.  By the way --- he got a job!!!!!!!  How awesome and what an answer to prayers!!!!

Anyway, as soon as we entered the house I noticed things were "out of sorts" --- alot!  Seems the raccoons had managed to move the board from the floor (we had cut a hole in the damaged subfloor to check the floor joists to make sure they were structurally sound and had covered and nailed the board over the hole) and made their way into the kitchen and every trash can in the house.  Everything !!!  and I mean everything was torn open, thrown around, smashed on the floor and made to look like the tornado struck the inside of his house!!!!!

They had even opened one of the drawers and pulled a box of nails out and dumped them on the floor.  They had wrestled with the jar of peanut butter but were unsuccessful in opening it. 

The only thing that kept going through my mind was how amazing it would have been to have had a security camera hooked up enabling us to watch their antics!!

Don wasn't all that upset and said he would be over today to clean it up.

And then John called ---- John who is always willing and able to help in any way possible. 

I asked him if he would clean up  Don's place and he was happy to do so.  I met him there this morning and he got it all cleaned up, removed any and all food and even bleached the counter tops!  And with the board securely fastened down I hope we have no more "visitors" in the house!!!!

Later this morning I headed back to Susie's to finish the painting of her 2 story storage shed.  It really looked nice when it was done and the color matches her home to perfection thanks to Lowes doing a color match.  It was quite a bit warmer today but the breeze was saving grace and by early afternoon it was all done.  It was nice to be able to visit with her for a bit after but then I had to be on my way to get the rest of my to-do list completed.

Tomorrow and Sunday we will be doing another Appleseed Rifle Shoot weekend.  If you remember, the last time I actually made Rifleman.  This time I am going to attempt to do it again -- only this time with an AR15 (aka M16).  Monty did a huge trade of a couple of weapons he had had for a really long time to get the AR15 and I am really anxious to see how I can do with this.  It has more "kick" than the 1022 rifle and should make for another exciting weekend.  Hot -- really hot -- but alot of fun!

We will also be celebrating our granddaughter's 4th birthday on Sunday with cake and ice cream.  Where have the years gone?  They are both growing up so fast!  Too fast!

And we will also be waiting to hear from our Hartsville team to see if this is the week they are returning to finish Don's roof.  We are also ready to start inside --- as soon as we find the bee nest that is buried inside the porch roof which opens into his master bedroom!  That should be interesting!!!!

We hope all of you have a wonderful weekend.

Why not do something for someone else this weekend and make their weekend even better -- as well as your own.

Until next time . . . God's blessings.                                             Susan and Monty

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