Thursday, June 28, 2012

Super HOT Volunteers

Hartsville is back!!!!!  Tom, Ron and Arnold were here bright and early this morning ready to hang the sheetrock in the family room of Don's.  Finally --- putting back together instead of tearing out!

Rob stopped by to lend them his sheetrock lift.  That makes it soooo much easier to do ceilings as it lifts each piece up and allows you to guide it into place without the stress and strain of trying to hold it up on your own.  Much thanks, Rob.

Those 3 men work circles around a full size team --- and with the temps literally breaking all records it's even more amazing!  Our high today ---- 104 degrees!!!!!  That's the actual temperature, not the heat index!

They were doing a good job of taking water breaks and took some time at lunch to get into some air conditioning.

By late afternoon Pastor Randy, Kandi and Mark came by.  Mark was starting to tape and mud the sheetrock as fast as they were putting it up.

I spent most of the afternoon in Don's kitchen trying to clean up the extreme mess left by the raccoons -- all 3 of their "break-ins"!!!!!  Now that we have their entry boarded up they have decided to move on elsewhere so it was safe to go in and clean.  I didn't get it all but made a huge dent in it!

Don stopped by to thank the volunteers and told me the latest "varmit" story.  I kept thinking I was smelling something while in the kitchen but never could figure out exactly what it was.  Don told me that he "discovered" a dead (very dead) possum inside and underneath the shelves on the Lazy Susan cabinet in the corner of the kitchen!  When he reached in to get it out --- well --- you just don't want to know the rest of that story!!!!!

Anyway, he will now have to completely dismantle that cabinet to clean and remove . . .

Monty stopped by after finishing one of his jobs and took some time to visit and thus force an all important water break.

By the end of the day (my day) the team was still working and even planning on starting the new subflooring in the family room!  But by that time they had passed the heat of the day so . . .

We are so thankful to these men who take time from their own homes and families to come and be such tremendous blessings!!!  Looking forward to seeing them on their next trip.

And in closing --- this is definitely a new breed of bird at our feeder!!??  It was 8am one morning last week and we looked out our window -- which is less that 6 feet from this feeder -- and saw this deer really enjoying his breakfast!  He stayed there, watching us watch him, for quite a few minutes.  Then he took his nose and banged into the feeder with the red roof -- trying to knock seed from it.  Sorry Mr. Deer but it was empty and you arrived before my normal "feed and water the birds" time!!!

Until next time . . . blessings and love to all of you!                         Susan and Monty

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