Friday, August 31, 2012

Day 6 = Alton's gift to us

Before we get into the rest of our trip I need to update you on Carla.  She did indeed have a stroke yesterday, caused by the cancer which is now in her spinal column.  It was devastating news for everyone.  She is still in intensive care awaiting the next move.  Please continue praying for she and Todd.

Today I spent most of the day at my parents house.  I had a great uncle who was an Indiana State Policeman.  He was shot and killed in the line of duty one year after I was born.  I have heard the story many times over the years.  Today a section of highway in my hometown was dedicated and named after him on the anniversary of his death.  That brought family to town that I haven't seen in who knows how many years and some I have never met until today.  Rather than have everyone try and get into some restaurant my mother decided to have everyone back to their house for lunch.  She had everything prepared ahead of time -- no surprise!  Us girls showed up to get everything out and placed and ready for everyone to eat after returning from the ceremony.  It was great to see the family members I do remember and even better to meet those I did not know until today.  They were all still there when I left and they all had to travel back home to Ohio, Michigan and Wisconsin!  I know this meant alot to the entire family!  It's just a shame families don't get together like they used to!

And now --- back to our "story" . . .

Tuesday was day 6 and the day set aside by Alton to take us all snorkeling.  This was his gift back to all of us and we were really excited.

We got busy early in the morning and continued our work.  Charles, Bobby and Becky upstairs working on walls and electrical issues.  The women were painting the kitchen and it ended up looking beautiful. 

Alton had planned on coming up and fixing us hot dogs on the grill but had the clutch go out in his truck so we took the opportunity to clean out the refrigerator and had way more than enough food.

By the time he got there he was ready to load up and go but it was hard to get everyone to come to a stopping point in their work!  They finally did and we loaded up coolers of drinks, boogie boards, skim boards and extra clothes because we were also being treated to a special evening at the condo where Sus and Schel were staying.  They were gathering a group of their friends and having a big meal brought in for all of us.

Off we went and stopped at the place where Alton thought we could see alot of fish.  The wind was so strong and the waves equally as strong that we weren't able to really see fish.  It took all our strength just to work our way through the water and waves.  Charles admitted he isn't a good swimmer and was concerned about snorkeling.  No problem -- we just put him on one of the boogie boards and he was set!

Realizing we were battling the wind and waves Alton decided to take us to another location.  So we loaded up everything once again and this time the place was heaven on earth!  Way at the end of a road that literally ended in the water!  The water was super calm and after making our way across the black rock and getting our gear on we watched what had to be the best show on earth -- or atleast under the earth!  Huge fish in every color imaginable were everywhere.  They would brush against us as they passed by, not at all concerned about us being in their territory!  We didn't want to leave and continually came to the surface and forgot about the equipment on our faces and in our mouths as we got so excited and tried to tell someone else what we saw!  Alton just stayed on shore and smiled!  His perfect thank you was indeed perfect!

But time ticked by way too fast and it was time to head to our special evening dinner party.  We ended up at one of the most beautiful resorts I have ever seen in my life!  That just had to be a corner of heaven in preview!  A feast awaited us along with a bunch of people who quickly became friends.  We enjoyed wonderful food and afterwards Sus asked a few of us to share a bit about our trip.  When Bobby and Charles spoke the entire place was in awe!  Their words were priceless but their hearts were poured out all over each one of us! 

By 8:30pm we were packing up and heading back.  We were all worn out not realizing how physical the snorkeling was.  Once we arrived back we just literally unloaded everything inside the door and headed to bed.

Each one of us realized that tomorrow is our last day and the day we will be cleaning the entire building.  Our actual "work" is done -- there has to be a stopping point and no one wanted that point.  Each person commented that they wished we had another day or another few days . . . the ultimate compliment for a team leader and the realization that God reached in and touched each heart, each life and they will never be the same!  Success!

So we all slept with the goal of leaving the place in better condition than we found it.  I had no doubt we would meet and surpass that goal!

Be sure and stay tuned . . . the last day is a good one!

Until next time . . .   good job team -- good job!                                        Susan and Monty

Charles trying to take it all in.

The cove where all the fish were -- along with the black rock and coral -- which many of us cut our feet on!

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