Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Day 5, Monday = Double Duty

Even though it was really late when we all settled down and got to bed last night Charles was up and working when I got up at 6:30am. 

Before I could even get done with my usual morning call home to Monty I got a text from Don here at home.  The Hartsville team was working on his house and needed materials.  I had already made a trip to see my guys at Lowes before I left - just in case.  The men went to Lowes to get what they needed, called me from the checkout and the Lowes men took it from there!  Now that is what I call service!

Since the volunteers will return tomorrow we may need to do the same thing.  The 6 hour time difference is a bit tough as they cannot call me during their morning hours.  When it's 12 noon here at Don's it's only 6am in Maui.

Everyone gathered for devotions -- this one came from a book I had been reading since we arrived.  Found it there at the church and it was a good one.  I chose a devotion on life and how we receive it by serving others.  It brought out quite a bit of conversation which is always good.

Bobby, Charles and Becky went back to their loft. Becky continued to mud and finish the walls while Charles and Bobby tackled building a platform in the loft for the closet.  This was a project where I told them I was counting 100% on their creativity and imagination and skills.  They did not disappoint me and by the end of the day had put together their design and finished it!

The women were downstairs learning to texture the kitchen walls and ceilings.  I learned back in Texas that texturing with a roller was the way to go with volunteers who have never done such a task.  The roller is really made to use with paint but I used a bit of my own imagination and by taking drywall mud and mixing it with water, getting just the right consistency, it makes a wonderful texture.  The girls were to practice on scrap sheetrock first, working until they felt they had the hang of it.  Bev and Hannah were quick to get the feel and moved inside to the kitchen.  Hannah wanted to focus on the ceiling since that's where she'd been for a couple of days.  She stepped in and took ownership of it -- awesome!  Bev started on the walls and before long both of them were rolling away with perfect results!

I decided to get in on the fun and worked on the walls.  When I realized I was swaying back and forth as I rolled I challenged the girls to some "texturing aerobics" which they (without my knowing) captured on pictures!  Remember --- we have to learn to laugh at ourselves!!!!!!

We all had a blast and once again were laughing hysterically AND getting work done!  With the Christian music playing in the church it was a perfect blend!  I sure am glad God has a sense of humor!  Sure makes life alot more fun!

Lunch arrived, along with the start of a pot of chili for dinner.  Schel came to do more plumbing work and managed to get the loft shower working. 

Linda arrived by late afternoon and finished the chili.  She also got a kick out of the texturing and was amazed at the progress both upstairs and downstairs.

Immediately after dinner Bobby and Charles headed into town to church for another meeting.  We continued to finish the texturing so we could paint tomorrow.  We didn't even realize how much time had passed till the guys walked back into the kitchen.

I asked Bobby how the meeting was and he told me just how God had showed up -- big time!  First of all he told me that he was planning on going to the meeting alone but when he got into the shower God spoke to him and told him to take Charles.  So he got out of the shower, asked Charles - who agreed to go- and then got back into the shower.  He said God doesn't usually speak to him that way but I said God always speaks to him -- he's just learning to recognize His voice!  He agreed.  When they got to the meeting they each introduced themselves.  When Charles finished with his introduction one of the pastors headed straight for him and said he had a word from the Lord for him.  He said he could see the heart Charles has for his own people (remember -- he is from Kenya and has only been here in the US for 4 years) and he saw Charles back home leading his people as Moses led his people!  I asked Bobby what Charles's reaction was and he said he took in every single word!  Quite an evening for the both of them!

By the time we finished the kitchen it was nearly 10pm.  Showers were taken and as I headed upstairs the young ones were outside around the picnic table discussing the day.  That sharing and laughing and learning and loving is just what this trip is all about!

I read a quote that I feel is "right on" ---- "trips like this aren't vacations.  They are so much more.  These experiences show you what's possible and challenge you to examine the paths you'll take in the future."

Tomorrow is Alton's thank you gift to all of us --- snorkeling in the afternoon!!!!

Be sure and stay tuned --- you won't want to miss that!!!!  Believe me!!!!

Until next time . . . what has God said to you lately?                            Susan and Monty

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