Friday, August 24, 2012

Back from Maui mission trip

We made it back today -- but for our body clocks it's actually yesterday?  We missed an entire nights sleep and right now I am running of fumes and disorientation so if there are misspellings or such please understand.

I have over 200 pictures of my own and will be getting discs from the others as to combine them for here and a church power point presentation.

The view from the window of our room.

Our sleeping quarters and where the 8 young men will sleep once they move in.  Their program of scriptural rehabilitation will be starting the first of September.

The front of the building that faces the mountains and water.  There are also mountains directly behind it.

Sus and Autumn cleaning the kitchen equipment.  Since there isn't a sink base or sink in the kitchen, the one out back worked miracles.

Each day someone from the church brought us lunch and dinner each day. Sitting outside in the sunshine and breeze was wonderful.

The men tackled the upstairs living quarters for the live in supervisors. They made amazing progress and is not ready fror paint and flooring.

I don't want to put too many pictures this afternoon. I still don't know what time zone I'm in but wanted to get something out there for you.

This trip will take up quite a few blog entries and all was super.

Since I was there on our 14th wedding annversary when I walked into the house this afternoon this was waiting for me on our dining room table.  Oh how I love my husband!!

 Be sure and stay tuned --- it only gets better.

Until next time . . . food, sleep and a new day tomorrow will bring me back to normal???
Susan and Monty

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