Sunday, September 02, 2012

Sunday Testimonies/Day 7

This morning was the morning our Vineyard team gathered on the platform of church and shared with the entire congregation what God had done in their lives in Maui.  It was something they had asked to do.  They wanted to speak from their hearts, no script and I decided on no pictures on the powerpoint.  The picture books were on a table in the lobby if anyone wanted to scroll through them.

This was the time for each one, Hannah, Charles and Bobby to share from their hearts.  And share they did!  We were thrilled that both Bev and Becky from the Bedford church came to support the team.  Each one shared something different, something personal and the congregation hung onto every word from each one!  God spoke through them and it as an honor to stand with them. 

And now back to our week . . . day 7 was Wednesday, our last day on the mountain.

It was also our 14th wedding anniversary and the very first one we've ever spent apart!  Not an easy day for me.  I called him first thing and from there knew we had to get started working.  This was the day we set aside to clean the entire facility and both vehicle.

I thought today everyone would need a jump start.  We had seen a little Bistro restaurant just a couple of blocks down the road and decided we would treat ourselves and go there for a good and hearty breakfast.  It was amazing and it was fun to have us all together filling our tummies!

When we got back I was ready to jump into work but the team got all together and asked me to sit down?  Here they came with an anniversary card and a bouquet of the local flowers!  It was priceless to me and brought a flood of tears!  They said they knew just how difficult this day was for me and hoped the card and flowers would help.  Bev even took pictures and texted them to Monty along with words that I couldn't even read through my tears!  This team touched my heart so much --- they cared enough to do that for me!!!!!!

After gathering myself I got busy and made a very long list of everything that needed to be accomplished.  All I told them was where the list was and as they finished a task they were to check it off the list.  Never once did I say anymore!  They actually got a kick out of checking things off and telling how many more needed done.  Hannah jumped in and tackled the cleaning of not one but both vehicles that had been for our use all week.  That little girl worked and worked and I have no doubt the van hadn't been that clean since the day it was purchased!

We cleaned bathrooms, swept floors, arranged the shed, moved and arranged tools, swept some more, cleaned the showers and the entire sanctuary!  You name it and it was cleaned.  All our beds were stripped and the sheets washed and folded, along with all our towels that we bought when we got there and left them as donations to the cause.

Everything looked 100% better than when we arrived = our goal was met!

Our next step was getting to the hotel.  Yes, when we booked our tickets through Expedia the gentleman told us we were eligible for a "promotion" which we gladly accepted.  We had one room for our last night -- at the newly constructed Courtyard Marriott at the airport.  It had just opened in June.  When we originally booked our tickets there were just 4 of us so one room with 2 double beds was perfect.  By this time our team had grown to 7 needing to sleep so we were blessed to get an adjoining room. 

When we arrived in the very early evening and got all checked in and our jaws picked up off the floor from seeing how beautiful it was --- the younger ones headed straight for the pool!  They were there for a couple of hours before coming back and were more than ready for dinner.  We took a vote and the nearby Italian restaurant won the vote. 

The food was amazing and the fun even more.  Afterwards we took a short walk around the area and then headed back. 

For me -- sitting by the gas fire pit in front of the pool was just what I needed.  Relaxation and beauty in a place I never even dreamed of being!

When everyone made their way there also I asked them to gather round and play "high - low" which is just telling what was the high point of their week and what was their low point.  For nearly every single one the low point was having to leave!  High points were all over the place and it was a great way to close the week.

Just as we finished Alton and Linda came by to thank us and spent some time with all of us.  It was tough to say goodbye for all of us.

Tomorrow would have us all flying out at different times.  Becky in the morning.   Hannah, Bobby, Charles and I late afternoon and Mary and Charles late night.  Tonight was a great way to close the week.

Having the hotel room for the last night was such a treat and just one more time that God reached down and touched us with a great blessing!

Lord, we all thank you for being such a loving God!  Just wish we could love you back half as much!!

Until next time . . . Thanks to everyone for such an amazing week!              
What an awesome God we serve!                                               Susan and Monty

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