Thursday, August 30, 2012

Time Out

I know I said this blog was going to be about our snorkeling trip but God has changed things up a bit today so that will hopefully be tomorrow.

For today . . . let's back up a bit. . .

Last fall a dear friend of mine from church, Carla, thought she had pulled a muscle in her chest while working in the garden.  She put up with the pain for awhile before a friend convinced her to go to the doctor just to have it checked out. 

That trip to the doctor changed her life forever.

The diagnosis was stage 4 lung cancer, a mass behind her heart and cancer in her adrenal glands.  Surgery was not an option!  Now talk about having your world turned upside down!!!!!

And that wasn't the end of the news.  After an MRI she was told she had numerous cancerous brain tumors!  No warning signs!

So for the past months chemo and radiation have become a part of her life.

Those of us in church have watched her get smaller and smaller by the week.  She is so thin and so frail but yet maintains her smile that lights up a room the second she walks in.  She has always been physically beautiful with this long flowing light brown hair and a love for Jesus that is uncomparable.  Just a year after Monty and I were married she met the love of her life, Todd.  She and I laughed many times that we both married someone much younger than ourselves and how awesome that was!

When she lost all her hair and was a bit nervous about coming to church for the first time with a hat on the entire church surprised her by having "hat day" that Sunday!  Nearly every single person had some kind of hat on --- it even made the front page of our local newspaper!

Week after week she would somehow make it to church and sit in her seat in the front row and raise those frail little arms high in the air praising Jesus.  Sometimes I would see tears streaming down her face as we sang but she always had that amazing smile on her face.

A few weeks ago adding insult to injury she developed Bell's Palsy on one side of her face.  It was frozen in time and heart breaking - but it didn't stop that smile.  It just had a little twist to it now!

This morning Pastor Dave sent me a text saying she was in the hospital, taken by ambulance.  She had a massive seizure and tests showed trouble in the spinal fluids.  The doctors said she has a 50/50 chance of making it through tonight.

I stopped in to see her this evening and even though she is under the influence of some tough anti-seizure meds she still recognized me.  The hardest part ---- her smile wasn't there!

I write this asking for prayers.  God is in the business of miracles and Carla (and Todd) could sure use one right about now. 

I don't understand alot of things and seeing a friend fight so hard and suffer so much is one of those things I just don't understand.

But God didn't give us all the answers and all He wants is for us to trust in Him.  I know Carla trusts and if she can trust through all of this it should be easy for me.  Should be  . . .

Lord, you are the Almighty Healer and we are asking for one of your miracles . . .

Until next time . . . please join us in prayers.                                           Susan and Monty

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