Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Sunday, Day 4 = Fun Day

First and foremost --- our prayers are with all those along the Gulf Coast.  We are praying that all the rebuilds we did are high enough to be spared flooding again!  I can't even think about what might be happening!  I did try and call Ms Faye but the phone number I have isn't connected so . . .

Sunday, August 19th was the day our team had set aside for a fun and travel and site seeing day.  The kids were looking forward to it because they knew we would be on a beach somewhere.  Bev was just as anxious as she had never (yes, never) stepped foot into an ocean.

Church that morning was amazing!  Our team was asked to stand and we were told, numerous times, that we were an answer to prayer for Alton and Linda and the whole church.  Those words really had an impact on the entire team.  It's humbling and an honor when someone tells you that you are a direct answer to their prayers!  God really touches their hearts!

After church we gathered outside in front of their beautiful fountain for group pictures.

From left to right on the back row:  Alton, Linda, Becky, Kevin, Autumn, Bev, Schel, Mary, Hannah, Charles --front row left to right, me, Sus and Bobby.

After all the pictures everyone was ready to hit the road.  I gave the map to the kids in the back of the van and we headed to the city of Lahina.  What a beautiful area.  We found a shopping area and it was there that we discovered the Bubba Gump Shrimp Company Restaurant.  It was a unanimous decision to eat lunch there.  In my opinion that's one of the best movies ever made and it was fun to go in and see the signs and remember all the parts of the movie.  Out front was the bench where Forrest's tennis shoes, suitcase and box of chocolates were made out of concrete.  You can see that we all had fun taking a seat!
Everyone needs the chance to be a kid again!

Our food was delicious and after a bit of shopping we all decided that we should hit the beach and return later to shop.

Bev got her chance and stepped into the ocean for the first time in her life!  She was not disappointed.  The water was beautiful and you can see the cloud on top of the mountain in the background.  The kids had a blast and built sand castles and Charles made a shark in the sand as you can see below.

After a time of swimming and playing in the sand we headed back to the shopping area.  It was fun watching each one trying to make that just right purchase for their parents or kids or special someone.  I watched as each one purchased something for themselves only after they had purchased for others in their families.

It didn't take long and everyone was hungry once again.  They all decided it would be great if we could find a place where we could sit near the water as the sun was setting and they all wanted pictures.  It didn't take long and God took us to the perfect place.  Our table was directly over the water and God provided us with a view that had to be straight out of heaven itself!  See for yourself!

We have many, many pictures of the sun setting and each one doesn't begin to do it justice but it's all we have to share. 

We continued shopping, taking pictures and just walking and enjoying the views till nearly 9:30pm and we still had nearly an hour drive back to the facility. 

Our ride back was a blast.  Bev and I got to laughing about the oncoming lights and how they changed shape in the windshield of the van that was loaned to us.  I don't know when I have laughed that hard and I think if someone looked not so closely one would find atleast a dozen golden eggs underneath Bev's seat!  The joy of the Lord was pouring out all the windows and doors making that little van unable to contain it.  And that joy brought healing --- lots of it.  From that night on Bev was healed and whole and working and working and healed and whole!

When we did arrive back and get things unloaded and I sat to write in my journal all I could think about was how well this team was becoming family.  When one person was looking to make a purchase they would ask the others what they thought about the item.  Conversations were all over the place with everyone and I just marveled at how awesome God is.  He called each and every member of this team to go and each one obeyed the call.  I watched the blessings pour out on each one and knew God was going to continue pouring them out!

As each relationship grew and was strengthened I knew all the glory was going to God and how He must be smiling from ear to ear!

Thank you Lord for that wonderful, carefree day that we could all spend with You.  You orchestrated each moment, each meal, each picture, each person and each blessing.  We are all so thankful to You!

Tomorrow it's back to work and the day of fun today just spurred each person on to do more work and be more of a blessing!

We will go into tomorrow with great expectation Lord!

Until next time . . . what an honor to serve such a loving God!                   Susan and Monty

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