Sunday, August 05, 2012

Details coming together

It's August 5th which means our team leaves for Maui in 11 days!  My, oh my!

The details are coming together.  I received info from Linda (in Maui) just today with our schedule and a list of things that need done.  Going by that list we need 5 times the number of people going and 5 weeks!  But . . . one thing Monty and I have learned over the past 7 years is that it WILL get done, we don't have to be the ones to get it all done, and God will be happy with whatever we DO accomplish! 

We had another team meeting Thursday night where we learned Mary will be joining us, which brings our team to 10 people!

Today I learned that our team might grow to 11 over the next few days!  We might be down to the wire and people still wanting to schedule!  How incredible is that!

I have a big meeting tomorrow with the gentleman who might become number 11.  There are alot of "issues" in this scenario and I would ask for prayers of guidance, wisdom and open doors for this gentleman -- and myself!

God has so much going on with this team, with His plans and with His itenerary.  Please pray that we will all be open to hear, obedient to follow and covered in our spiritual armor for the attacks just around every corner!

Blessings to all until next time  . . .                                Susan and Monty

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