Tuesday, August 14, 2012

It's all Arnold's fault

The Hartsville men returned to work on Don's roof today.  All except Arnold --- so --- anything that happened was Arnold's fault.  They warned him before they left and it just seemed like a good blog title!

Although it appears Rob is taking a nap he was really working hard getting the drip edge just right in that awkward corner.  I told him this picture was worth a thousand words!!! 

Tom was working on the areas where the roof of the house meets the roof of the porch. 

This is the area where the roof gable meets the porch and according to Don it's been a problem for years and years.  It always leaks here and being right over his master bedroom does make it a big problem.  You can see that there are literally layers and layers of shingles, tar and anything and everything someone could think of trying to repair it.  Tom worked and worked and managed to get it all repaired and from now on there should be no more problems!

Once again John joined the team and was a great help in lifting the shingles up onto the roof and tearing off the old roofing.  Here you can see most of the porch area.  Although the pitch of that porch roof isn't much of a pitch Tom decided it would be best to shingle it like the roof.  Since he is the resident authority and does all his work to perfection --- who am I to disagree!

Mark also stopped by and has a plan for continuing inside once the roof is done and we are sure we have no more leaks.  As soon as this porch roof is completed he can start in the master bedroom.  As good as he is with sheetrock and painting he'll have us ready for flooring before we know it!

Mark also volunteered to oversee things while I am on the mission trip to Maui.  My gentlemen at Lowes also are going to work with us to make sure materials can still be provided when needed.  I am just a phone call away and we can make it work that way.  Much appreciation to Mark and the team at Lowes!  It takes a team --- and all sorts of people make up that team!

So Arnold --- we missed you today and hope you make it on the next trip because we don't want to continue making things all your fault!!!!      :)

Once again a HUGE thank you to these men who travel the 90 minutes, one way, to be such a blessing to Don!  You're the best!

Until next time . . . let's go team!!!!                                                  Susan and Monty

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