Saturday, August 11, 2012

5 days -- really????

Okay -- where did the past few days go as the last blog said we had 9 days until we leave???

I know I worked at my old job on Friday and looks like I might be going back to work full time sometime in September.  I worked there for over 5 years before we headed out into the field and financially it has become a necessity.  Anyway . . . that's another day!

I have started packing and trying to make sure I've got what I need to get through the week without doing laundry!  Should be fine but did pick up an extra pack of socks this evening.

Bev told me she is already packed and ready.  I imagine Bobby and Hannah are the same way and Charles is also planning and packing.

Heard from Linda, in Maui, and she has a very long list of things that still need done.  We will wait till we get there to be able to visually see the projects and see who feels comfortable doing what. 

Today I spent part of the day putting the second and final coat of stain and poly on the trim for Don's house.  The Hartsville team will be returning Tuesday to hopefully wrap up the roof rebuild and that will then allow us to get the trim up in the family room and dining room and to then get started in the master bedroom. 

The other part of today had me underneath Monty's truck, with him, trying to remount the gas tank.  It sure got a little crowded under there but we got it done and laughed while doing so.  And it actually started and ran quite well when we got done!!!

Tomorrow I get to see my brother and niece and her little girl.  This brother lives in Florida and we don't get to see him nearly as often as we all would like to.  It's usually only once a year!  My niece and her little girl live in Missouri and it's the same with them.  So tomorrow is a big day, a fun day with family!  Pizza and family = the best ever!

We also will get to have our church congregation and Pastor Dave pray over our team.  That is so very important to all of us.  Being sent out and covered in prayers is priceless!  The part of the team coming from Pastor Martie's church will also be prayed over.  And that will happen again at Tuesday morning Bible Study!  Can't get enough prayers so please join in those prayers and keep us covered so tightly that the enemy can't even see us -- let alone try to reach us!

Until next time . . . welcome home Ross, Sarah and Peyton.  Can't wait to see you.    
Susan and Monty

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Cheryl said...

Aww...have a fun time reuniting with your family!

It was great seeing you guys! We need to plan a "reunion" when you return from Maui.