Wednesday, August 15, 2012

12 Hours

In 12 hours 4 of the team will be meeting at the local Sams parking lot, loading our luggage into Bev's truck and heading to the Indianapolis airport. 

Our flight leaves a bit before 9am.

4 of the team is in flight today and should arrive around 9pm our Indiana time.  They will meet us at the airport.

1 of our team members is flying another airline but also leaves tomorrow and will arrive just minutes before the 5 of us.

I just checked with everyone and they are all packed and ready to go!  Like I expected anything else!

For those of you who "try" and keep up with what's going on --- I will NOT be taking my computer so that means I will NOT be blogging anything while we are away.  I just cannot deal with hauling it via the airlines and frankly am looking forward to just focusing on what God has for me there.

There will be plenty of stories and pictures for probably days and days --- all of which will wait until we get back home.

So . . . depending on how this old body reacts to the 6 hour time difference I just might be back here blogging on Friday the 24th???

The main thing we ALL need is prayer!  Please !!!!! cover us daily with prayers.  This is a long way from home, a big mission --- one that will not only change lives --- but actually save lives!  God has all the details and we each are trusting fully in His guidance and His love.  Your prayers are priceless and if God prompts you to pray for us at a particular time ---- please do so at that exact time.  You have no idea what might be happening but God does and He knows your prayers are needed right then!

I would also ask for prayers for Monty as he is not going.  His job is making it possible for me to go and he will have much more responsibility here at home with his job, the house and 3 small dogs!  Please cover him twice as much as you cover us! 

I will be gone for our 14th anniversary so maybe on Thursday, the 22nd you could double up on the prayers --- for both of us???      :)

Thanks to all of you who donated, who encouraged, who loved and who prayed.  May God return your blessings a hundred fold!

Until next time . . . "IGO where He sends me."                         Susan and Monty

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