Saturday, March 10, 2012

Updated Info

Just have a few minutes before heading back to our church to continue the collecting of donated items for the tornado survivors.  We will be there with doors open from 11am to 4pm today so come on over and drop off some blessings -- and receive a blessing for yourself! 

In case you missed it -- we are collecting the following:  personal hygiene items, cleaning supplies, laundry supplies, baby and adult diapers, baby wipes, paper products and non perishable foods.

I do want to give you some updated and extremely important information in regard to volunteering in the Henryville -- or any other area here in Indiana.

You MUST register to volunteer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 

The reason?  Because this allows some sort of organization to what could be mayhem.  INVOAD, Indiana Volunteer Organizations Active in Disaster has asked that anyone wanting to volunteer please call them at 502-599-8593.

Every volunteer must be atleast 16 years of age.

AND THEN --- you are asked to NOT volunteer until called and requested to do so!

You might think this sounds ungrateful or ridiculous ---- NOT!  What happens is people come flooding in --- all with the best of intentions --- but they come in before the area is ready!  The streets are still lined with power company trucks trying to restore power and natural gas and get water flowing again.  When volunteers come in too early they delay this process thus hurting the relief efforts instead of helping. 

Volunteers need to allow the experts to do what they need to do to make the area safe (or as safe as possible) for volunteers.  There will be PLENTY of time to go and help in debris cleanup, in home cleanup and in the rebuilding.  BUT -- for now -- please honor their request to register and wait.

For everyone who has donated emergency supplies, and will continue to do so --- our deepest thanks to you.  THIS is what can make a positive difference right now.

AND -- we will be collecting emergency supplies on a continual basis because --- WE ARE GOING TO OPEN A DISASTER RELIEF WAREHOUSE HERE LOCALLY!!!!!

How awesome is that!!!!

So . . . . . . stay tuned and keep collecting and keep blessing and we will give you the latest information as soon as we have it!!!!!!

Until next time . . . praying for those survivors is something we CAN all do!!!!  Susan and Monty

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