Friday, March 23, 2012

Storms -- a couple of them

This is one very sad little girl!

For weeks we have been battling trouble with her eyes.  First they gave us pills, then they gave us drops and when both ran out and she was worse than when we started I decided to take her back to the vet I had used years ago.  Enough is enough!

They tested her and showed me the results.  She has injuries to each eye (no way to know what happened or when) and instead of healing as they should (from the top down) hers decided to heal in the reverse direction thus creating "spikes" of sorts that only made the problem worse.  She was in so much pain last night that I couldn't take it!

Today they put her to sleep and "scraped" each eye to help clean the injured areas and hopefully set the healing on the right track.  The vet said she has had a double dose of pain meds but still is in "extreme" pain.  This is really tough to watch and then with the lampshade around her neck (for the next week so she won't try and rub her eyes) she is miserable.  The vet also said she can hardly see and her sight will slowly improve but will take weeks so we need to be careful that she doesn't run into furniture or fall from the couches!

As soon as I got back from the vet and got her settled this is what we were (and really still are) faced with!  The tornado sirens blaring and the skies pouring rain before changing to hail.  Some places in town had hail covering the ground that made it look like a 6 inch snow had just fallen.  The temps dropped over 20 degrees in minutes and we still aren't out of the woods.  The thunder rolls all around us and the radar is bright red. 

Quite the stormy day in more than one way.  But . . . on the sunny side . . .

I did managed to get to Lowes and get the kitchen for Michael all designed and on paper.  It took a couple of hours to try this and change to that but it looks good and I can't wait to get started.  Looks like that will be next Saturday.  He is almost done with all the trim and if we get a good weather day next Saturday we'll also try and seal coat the roof!  We're getting oh so close!

Even Samson has had enough of his best friend being in pain and the thunder and the sirens!!!!!!

Hope all of you have a safe and blessed weekend!    :)                          Susan and Monty

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