Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fireworks brain

The title is the only way I know how to explain how my brain feels right about now.  Like the grand finale at a fireworks show.  One beautiful bang after another!

God is moving and it's all I can do to keep up!

Things keep happening to confirm that this calling to open a disaster relief warehouse right here locally is exactly what God wants me to be doing.

Even though I have not signed on the dotted line just yet, and have had 2 more offers of a location, donations are coming in and people are calling and connections are being made.

Yesterday evening I received a call from a gentleman who is the head of a local teamsters union and he had a 50' semi trailer filled with supplies that he wanted to off load.  He got my name from the pastor of the Vineyard church in Franklin, Indiana who is a friend of our own Pastor Dave.  I was able to give the driver a choice of 2 locations in the tornado ridden southern part of the state and then also mentioned the warehouse we are putting together.  He was anxious to learn more about it and when I checked in with him today to make sure he made the connection he needed (he was going into the warehouse near Jeffersonville, Indiana) he was asking more questions about the warehouse and interested in our needs.

Another call came in today (again from the Franklin Vineyard) from another gentleman who had some supplies.  He plans on connecting with the Methodist church in Pekin and bless them with their donations.  He was also fired up when I told him about the warehouse and told me he has a degree in logistics!  Just exactly what I need!  He and his wife have dreamed of getting a camper and going out into the disaster areas and helping!  Hopefully the 4 of us can get together sometime in the very near future and share dreams and visions!

I have put the word out over many avenues that some of the needs we have are for a pallet jack and a forklift along with industrial strength shelving and boxes.  One of our largest local businesses even has the big "gaylord" style boxes and hopefully will want to donate them to us.

My main goal is to stay tuned to where God is leading us and be obedient to whatever He has for us to do to make this happen. 

It is desperately needed.  These way above normal temperatures are out of the ordinary and with tornado season just around the corner . . . preparation is of the utmost importance.

Please continue to pray for us as we bring these visions, ideas and plans together. 

If you would like to participate in any way please leave a comment and I will get back with you.

"With God nothing is impossible."  He has shown me this so many times over the past years and I will continue to stand on that unchanging promise!  Thank you Lord!

Until next time . . . "help the people."                              Susan and Monty

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