Tuesday, March 27, 2012

He holds the "how"

This mornings Bible study was just what I needed.  Energizing, powerful and God reassuring me that all I need to do is have the faith in His promises.  He holds the "how."  That's helpful to me as there are so many things going on right now and if I don't need to know the "how" and trust that He does -- my heart and mind have a new peace.

I did talk with Pastor Randy today about the Hartsville team that finished Billy's house coming to take a look at Don's and possibly taking that on.  The men are finishing up a project and hopefully will make a trip here yet this week to see Don's and the material list I have.  PLEASE keep this whole project covered in prayers.  It's been a very long 10 months for Don and he needs desperately to be "home" again.

I also made a couple more phone calls looking for a location for our disaster relief supply warehouse.  All I can do right now is get the word out and keep my eyes and ears open to God's direction.

Tomorrow I have a meeting with the mayor of Bedford to share my heart for this warehouse with her.  Another thing to keep in prayer.

Michael also missed Bible study this morning.  I was anxious to share the kitchen design with him and hope he is doing okay.  And yet another prayer request!!!

What an awesome God we serve and what a blessing to be used by such an Almighty Father!

Until next time . . . Bitty still is struggling with eyesight so . . . you know what to do!
Thank you!                         Susan and Monty

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