Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Loaded - Tarped - Fueled - Let's Go

The community turned out amazingly today!  The article was in the local newspaper and they came and donated and packed the halls of our church.  Above Pastor Dave is busy organizing like items with like items and getting them boxed and ready to travel.

Nohemi, our church secretary worked all day long!  She had boxes lined up down the halls and met and welcomed each donation that came in the door.  Quite some time ago she told me she loves to organize things and today her gift of doing so was evident for all to see!  What a great job!

Nohemi was joined by her daughter and her friend and Justin from church also stopped by to see if he could help!  It was such fun to see people drive up and our people come out and help them unload their vehicles, bring in the donated items, talk with the people donating and thank them for helping.  What a great example of our people being the church!  It just warms your heart and each person donating felt that warmth and love.

At the end of the day we loaded up my truck, and another vehicle -- and still had 9 large boxes and some small ones left to take on another trip!  Once I got home Monty had this master plan how to tarp the truck since there is a 70% chance of rain tomorrow.  Something special we learned in our early response training -- the proper way to tarp a roof after a storm and so he used it on the truck.  We are still praying the rains will hold off but just in case . . .

So tomorrow morning we are ready to roll south.  We will have 2 vehicles loaded with supplies.  More than the supplies --- the love and blessings attached to each one is priceless and will bring hope and love and life to those hurting so deeply.  It is our goal that each person we meet will not see us but will see (and feel) the love Jesus has for them!

We will be unloading our supplies and reloading - along with hot meals - and heading out into the rural areas to personally deliver everything.  One of our neighbors left this morning with another load of supplies and called to say he was making personal deliveries also and you could hear the "life" in his voice.  I have no doubt that the life we heard was the life felt by each person he helped!

We are still collecing donations.  We will continue to collect donations and will make trips to deliver them as long as the need is there. 

We thank each one of you who came by and donated items, all of you who donated funds and all of you who are praying for those who have lost so much.

A quick reminder -- if  you would like to donate funds for this relief effort --- it's now easier than ever!  Just log on to our website at and there is a link at the bottom of the first page to direct you to donate online.   Also -- we are in the process of updating that site so please bear with us and the rather dated stories!!

Until next time . . . may angels go ahead of us, behind us and beside us as we travel and spread the much needed hope to each person we see.                                  Susan and Monty

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