Sunday, March 11, 2012

James 1:22b "Do what is says."

Yesterday our church decided to open the doors for donations -- and quite a few came to help!  It was great.  We had boxes lining the halls and as they filled we closed and taped them and had them ready to load on my truck.  By the end of the day we had the truck and my back seat area packed full.

And then one of those "divine appointments" walked in the door!  Becky came in, tears coming down her cheeks.  She is from the Pekin, IN area and the day before the tornado struck them her father had a heart attack.  He is in an Indianapolis hospital and they were going to remove life support last evening.  She was asking for prayer.  We all surrounded her and prayed and she started sharing some of what was going on in the Pekin/Holton areas.  She said neither one had much in the way of emergency supplies and so as we talked I decided our latest load of supplies needs to go to Pekin instead of Henryville.  Pat got on his phone and within minutes had a contact location, their local Methodist church, and a contact person for me. 

I called the Methodist church and spoke with them and they were thrilled at the thought of incoming supplies.  When I asked if they needed anything specific she told me they really needed flour, sugar and cooking oil.  So . . . this afternoon after church Monty and I went shopping and now have my truck packed even tighter! 

Becky walking in that door yesterday was one of those Divine appointments that make me step back, after the fact, and marvel at how God talks to us!  For me, they bring life!

Later this afternoon Becky called me to thank us again and let me know her father isn't expected to make it through the night but she had a sense of peace today.  And she had the same contact information for the same Methodist church in Pekin for me! 

So . . . I am heading out in the morning, with 2 others in tow, and will be delivering a truck load of blessings to the Pekin area.  From there I hope to move onto Sellersburg where FEMA has their disaster relief center set up and touch base with them.

But . . . God has the real plan for the day so we'll see just how He unfolds it!

Until next time . . . blessings to all.                              Susan and Monty

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