Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Blessings Flowing In

The past 2 days have flown by . . . and when I look at my daily "to do" list even I can't take it all in!

Yesterday I felt as though I was still trying to catch up from Sunday and all the emotions.  But there was no time for catch up --- things needed to get done.

I spent more time on my phone than the battery would allow for.  Calls and texts coming in asking about the relief supply drive we have going.  The local newspaper wanted to do an article and ask "how does it look down there?  Is it really as bad as the news makes it out to be?"  A resounding YES came forth from the depths of my insides!

The local Christian radio station also called and we did our interview this morning as I was going to Bible study.  They want to organize a team of volunteers to go and all they need to do is let me know and we'll have all the details lined out for them.

More and more calls of people wanting to help.

And then Monty's mother called.  She needed flyers -- and a bunch of them.  She is a one woman fund raising machine and she was off on more than one mission to get the word out and raise funding.  The flyers were waiting for her when she stopped by and before the end of the night she let me know that that nights bingo players had donated from their winnings and that she was just getting started.  Go Judy!  Thanks Judy!  Thanks bingo players!

This morning, I think before even the birds were awake, my cousin texts me with the name and number of an Amish gentleman who is on the Indiana/Michigan border who wants to come and help.  One return phone call to him and I had everything in order for him.

And the donations are coming in.  I teased Pastor Dave at our church and told him his secretary, Nohemi, needs a raise as she is working so hard organizing and boxing all the donations coming in there.  With church being the drop off place it's been extra work for her but each time I see her she is smiling.  Another example of the joy of the Lord at work!

As I said, I did make it to Bible study this morning, thanks to Bev.  My truck decided it needed a new water pump this week (remember it was the fuel pump last week) and once again our neighbor came to the rescue and installed it and a new thermostat today!  He knew I had to have it up and ready to roll on Thursday morning and was happy to help out!  I was more than happy and my truck is happier still.

As we arrived at Bible study (it's a 40 minute drive) Bev laughed and told me I need a secretary!  I laughed and agreed. 

When I stopped by church to see about the donations I was thrilled to see the boxes getting filled up!  Neighbors have been asking how to donate, strangers have been calling and Bible study was anxious to get involved.

And then this evening my phone rang again --- and God once again surpassed any dream I could have --- we have a car donated!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  Yes, you read correctly ---a car!  Seems an elderly couple want to donate their car so when we go back on Thursday we will be doing some research and praying for God to lead us to just the right recipient.  What an an incredible gift and blessing someone will receive!

So tomorrow has me in another morning Bible study with 2 meeting following and at the beginning of the evening I will be loading up the donations at the church and bringing the truck home so Monty can get it all tarped off good and snug.  Seems there is a 70% chance of rain for Thursday but we are praying it away -- how about joining us in that prayer!

Just another reminder of why we need the donated items and the donated funding!  What if this were your home?  What if . . .

Until next time . . . many thanks to all who are helping!!!!!!            Susan and Monty

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