Monday, March 26, 2012

Here, there, everywhere

The weekend flew by.

We went to a surprise 50th birthday party for a friend.

We took the grandkids to pizza buffet where we all had some laughs and Luke was able to eat all the pizza he wanted = 3 pieces.  Not bad for a 6 year old.  He enjoyed the desserts more than the pizza I think.  That's what grandparents are for!

We "trimmed" a tree in our back yard.  I planted flowers and then planted some more flowers.

I mowed 4 lawns in the neighborhood.  Said I wasn't going to do it this year but . .  someday I have a dream of being able to say "no" . . . but for now . . .

Today I had a big powerwashing job -- for one of our neighbors.  He was happy -- I was cold -- power washing with my sweatshirt hood up! 

Got another powerwashing job from the company that put our new roof on.  It's a 2 story house so I think I'll need a taller ladder!

Mowed our lawn again -- the rain from the storms on Friday night sure made it grow fast!

Planted some grass seed and hoping it will actually grow grass.  I think the seed was older than me!  Sure been in the storage barn for a long time!

Bitty is doing some better.  Doesn't like the "lampshade" around her head but deals with it by staying on the couch!  She still can't see hardly anything but tolerates the meds and hopefully we will get a good report at her checkup on Friday.  The other 2 dogs just can't figure out why she doesn't play and seem rather confused.  Please continue to pray for her healing.

Have a very long list of people to call and see if there is warehouse space available anywhere for our disaster relief supply warehouse.  Must be a big thing as satan sure is fighting it all the way and at every corner.

Tomorrow is Bible study and I am looking forward to it!  Need that extra boost this week.

Hope you all are good! 

Blessings and love till the next time . . .                       Susan and Monty

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