Saturday, March 31, 2012

Need volunteers . . . guess where?

The only way to describe this past week is ---- upside down!!!! 

I've decided that I need atleast one size larger in spiritual armor!!!

But --- we have a real need --- for of course --- volunteers.  And in a state where we have spent alot of time and have many, many friends.  Good old Mississippi!

One of those dear friends -- who is definitely family -- has been in the process of building a Christian retreat camp over the past couple of years.  Kenny is a Pastor there in Louisville, MS and knows this is what God called him to do in opening this camp.

The problem?  It's been hit by not one but two tornadoes lately!!!!  (He might also need a larger size of spiritual armor)   He has been trying to do the rebuilding all alone and that has to stop!  He needs help!!!!

It is our hope and prayer that some of you out there would be happy to put together a team and go down and help out.

He will provide both housing AND food!!!!!!  So what are you waiting for?

He has everything from debris cleanup and trees that need removed to anything and everything in the rebuilding process so there is something for everyone!!!!

Many times over the past years Monty and I have dreamed of finding a Christian retreat where we could just get away and soak in the presence of Jesus.  THIS retreat is just that and we would love to be able to help him get it rebuilt.

If you are interested you can leave a comment here or send me an email if you have it or better yet just call me!

Please give it some thought and share it with your churches and let's be the hands and feet of Jesus to someone who has dedicated his life to doing just that!

Love you Kenny and Cynthia!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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