Friday, March 02, 2012

It's NOT the season!

I know you have all been watching the news and have heard about the local tornado damage right here!  The towns of Henryville and Marysville, Indiana are less than 2 hours from us.

Right now we are allowing the trained search and rescue teams to do their jobs.  This is not the time for volunteers to go in unless they are skilled in search and rescue or medical or have the heavy equipment for debris removal -- which will also wait on the search and rescue to clear the areas.

Right now is the time to PRAY!!!!!  This storm area isn't over and is headed to the east at a very rapid and deadly pace.

We all know Jesus calmed the storm with the disciples and we need to pray for His power to rise up and calm these.  We also need to pray for the protection of those in the paths and for those who are now hurting, confused and numb.

Red Cross and FEMA are there and we are on hold waiting on word from authorities.

Oh --- if only we had the disaster relief supply warehouse up and filled to the brim and ready to roll . . .

God bless and help the people!

Until next time . . . "even the winds and waves obey Him."               Susan and Monty

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