Friday, December 02, 2011

Looking both ways


Monroe called me yesterday and he is rallying the Amish troops.  He hopes to bring them next weekend, Friday and Saturday.  He will be calling me to come and pick him up (Amish don't drive) one day early next week to come back and take a very detailed look at Don's and put together his final plan of action so I can have materials on the ground and ready to go -- the right materials!  A couple of options are in the making to have Don be able to stay out of the house to enable the volunteers to work freely and at a pace they are used to.

Michael's work day is again tomorrow and I know we'll be running wiring to the main power pole and hopefully tying up the last of the electrical to be ready to sheetrock the ceilings.  The ceiling insulation only needs a couple more spots checked and it's ready.  I know Michael is more than ready and join me in prayers for volunteers to come out and enjoy the sunny day!

Today I am headed to help my mother cater a dinner for the VIPs of the Methodist church.  She never ceases to amaze me at how she can nearly single handedly pull together these big dinners!  She asked me months ago to help so off I go.  Should be so much fun!!

Monty is doing well with the stitches out.  His finger did "drop" a large piece of dead area last night but hopefully the rest will continue to heal.  It's tough when so much of his work requires his hands to be wet.  Between working in water and working with wood -- both cause extreme dryness of the skin so he will do the best he can to keep healing ointment on them -- pray for him!!!  Guys and ointment just don't seem to go together!!    :)

So . . . by looking both ways -- and in all directions things are coming together and moving forward.  In all we do we pray for God to be glorified and His people blessed through our help!

Until next time . . . love to all.                                          Susan and Monty

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