Monday, December 12, 2011

Homeland Security

Happy Monday to all.

This morning Homeland Security paid a visit to Don's house.  This is good news!

FEMA wasn't given enough information for them to substantiate coming into the area after the tornadoes and Don doesn't qualify for an SBA (Small Business Administration) loan since he lost his job after the tornadoes, his only hope of any funding was the grant from the state of Indiana.  Today, with the visit of the inspector we were told that he does qualify and will be getting the loan!  Even though it's only $5,000 that will take us a long way in the rebuilding!!!!  What great news!  It may take 8 weeks to get here but that's okay.  Catholic Charities can help out in the meantime and as soon as we get word from Monroe that the Amish are scheduled we will be ready to start!

I also talked with our own Pastor Dave and he assured me the Amish are more than welcome to stay at our church -- and they are going to furnish all the coffee they can drink!  I am not a coffee drinker but from what I hear -- they have the best ever!!!! 

And the YMCA will make their showers available for them to shower at the end of their work days so we are ready and waiting. 

It's times like this that the holidays just sort of get in my way -- not complaining -- just saying how it is when we're in the field and focused on rebuilding lives by rebuilding homes!

It's a good Monday!!!!

Thank you, Lord, for the great news!  We put our plans and our days and our ways in Your hands and pray everything we think, do and say will bring glory to You!

Until next time . . .                     Susan and Monty

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