Wednesday, December 14, 2011

All Closed In

Yep --- Michael's sheetrocking is done!!!!!  No more seeing through walls.  The view you have here is as you step inside the front door and look to your left.  Where the green board is -- that's the kitchen area.  The refrigerator will set just left of the white bumpout area.  In the corner will be a small counter top.  To the left of that corner will be the stove, a small cabinet and then the sink area with a bar extending out around 8 feet from the wall.  The bar will extend from the area where the green board and the white board meet.  You can also catch a glimpse of the small hallway that leads to the master bedroom and master bathroom.

It's so exciting to see all the walls and ceilings in place!  We've all waited a long time for this but to Michael it's seemed even longer!

Pastor Jan will begin the taping and mudding process tomorrow and as soon as he is done we can start priming! 

Each day we get closer and closer!  Each day God brings more and more blessings.  Today I received an email from someone out of state who wants to send Michael a special gift and needed his address.  Miracle after miracle -- God providing what we need right when we need it!

So be sure and stay tuned . . . as Monroe still works on scheduling the Amish to come and work on Don's and we move forward with Michael's --- God moving at His perfect timing!

Until next time . . . Blessings and love to all.                        Susan and Monty

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