Saturday, December 03, 2011

The day he's waited for . . . arrived today!

Yes, today was the day!  Michael has been waiting for sheetrock since day one and today I loaded up my truck with ceiling sheetrock!  You can see by the smile on his face that it was a day worth waiting for!  With Rob's lift the job will be much smoother and easier!

Today was another work day and thankfully we had quite the team of volunteers!  John, Keith and his son Jonathon and Rob from Vineyard and Schel and Sus from Stonegate all made it a day of work and laughter and love!

The first task was to make use of the younger men and their younger and stronger backs -- so they were given the task of digging the trench to bring the wiring from the trailer to the permanent power pole.  It was quite a lengthy distance but they started in and followed the line Rob had painted on the ground and worked their way through buried bricks and a sidewalk that was in the way!  Oh the power of youth!
In the beginning . . .

Digging down 24 inches for a distance of approximately 130 feet takes strength.  Doing it without getting paid takes a servant heart!  There were alot of those helping today!

That roll of wire isn't lightweight or easy to handle.  Keith and Rob got it all unrolled and then ran through the conduit and then into the ground!  Quite the process -- quite the love of Jesus being planted -- literally!

This is why I needed a full size truck bed!  That sheetrock is 12 feet long and packs some pretty heavy weight when stacked!  No problem for Big Red!

Getting it unloaded is another job!  They are packed with 2 sheets together.  We pulled the tape off that holds them together and even then it's tough work!  Once again the youth and their strong backs were put to the test -- and they passed with flying colors!

I have always been one to "preach" that women are very able to do construction!  Sus took that message to heart and learned to use both a staple gun and a slap staple gun today!  The real evidence of a servant heart?  She just had back surgery a couple of months ago!  This woman is such a dear friend to me and a source of strength that is indescribable!!  A priceless treasure, a true gift to me from God!  Thank you Lord and thank you Sus!

No, it's not a ground hog or a mole or even a wild boar that's been rutting through the mud! It's Sus's husband, Schel.  He spent his entire time underneath the trailer wrapping up the final details on the heating and air system he installed a couple of weeks ago and then took it a step further and finished up the vapor barrier underneath!  Now it's been very rainy here the past few days so he knew to wear his yellow "duck suit" but after today -- that duck suit was going to have to be sent to the trash!  What a trooper!  He may be a quiet man -- but he's a mighty man of God!

It's been a great work day!  I know God was smiling and most likely laughing out loud with the rest of us who were "working."  Somehow the word "work" just isn't fitting when a group of volunteers get together to bless someone!!!

An update on Monroe, who is trying to organize his Amish team to come here and rebuild Don's home.  One of their warehouses caught fire and has major damage so Monroe is headed to see how bad things are.  Please hold them all up in prayers.  And some extra prayers for his brother who is hospitalized with a severe and life threatening infection in his leg!  More details will follow as they get to me!

Blessings and thanks to all.

Until next time . . . bless someone else and feel the love for yourself!              Susan and Monty

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