Saturday, December 17, 2011

Gift Wrap Day

Today is the day where our Vineyard Church sets up a large (huge) station at our local mall and wraps gifts for absolutely FREE!  It's enough to make the best of folks smile and dance!!!!!

Yes, you read right --- free!  We don't even take donations!  It's our time to give back, in a very small way, for all God has blessed us with.

But . . . as usual . . . someone leaked the news to satan and he was at the door and waiting for Susie even before she arrived to get set up this morning!

We always have the same set up -- 8 tables and a couple of chairs.  Upon arrival this morning there were 4 tables!  Supposedly there has been a "change in policy" but no one informed us of this change so Susie has 9 workers lined up in 2 hour shifts from 8 am this morning through 10pm tonight -- with 8 wrapping stations!   And only 4 tables!

To top it all off --- Pastor Dave (her dad) is down sick and not able to be there at all! 

So . . . some kind folks headed back to church to bring 4 of our own tables (which the mall may or may not agree with once they come and take a look and make sure it's not too crowded) and the wrapping is underway.

My thoughts ----- there must be some extra special, over the top, blessings lined up for today or satan would be focussing his nastiness elsewhere! 

My other thought --- satan --- you lose!!!!!!  I've read the end of the Book and sorry but you'll just not spoil this day or the plans the Lord has so you might as well pack up your bag of nasty tricks and GET AWAY from all of us!!!!! 

And oh yea ---- get your sickly hands off Pastor Dave as well!!!  He is a man of God and you will NOT stop his annointing!!!!

Until next time . . . bring the gifts and come expecting a blessing!!!!!              Susan and Monty

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