Thursday, December 29, 2011

Tough ending

Ending this year has proved to be tough for both of us -- physically.

I have been feeling bad since the day before Christmas with the past 3 days being the roughest.  I tried so desperately to help Monty not catch "it" but seems I have failed.  Even sleeping in the other bedroom hasn't spared him!

He missed work yesterday and although seemed a bit better last night today is a new day and . . . everything seems to have settled in his ear!  Home again.

Today I feel a bit better and feel like I might be on the mend.

Neither of us do "sick" very well and both of us at the same time????   Not fun!!!!

But . . . as they say . . . tomorrow is another day and with the help of prayer we WILL get through this crud and be back up and running on God's path soon!

Until next time . . . Michael managed to return the sheetrock himself, with the help of his family, and will be starting the priming!!!!!

Blessings to all.                                                 Susan and Monty

Oh yea --- only 2 more days and I will have read the entire Bible this past year!  I had a plan from our church and with His help -- I am almost there!  Amazing insights along the way and I can't wait to start all over on January 1 -- with a new reading plan!

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Cheryl said...

Use an onion for his ear. Stop laughing; I'm not kidding! :) Either sliver an onion and pierce several times with your fingernail (to release the juice) and put it down into his ear (use a piece LONG ENOUGH to pull it back out!) or make an onion poultice: chop onion and place in a thin cloth. Place against his ear. Onion is an astringent and will pull the infection (and pain) out. Also, if his ear drum is throbbing, a hair dryer, set on low will help with the pain. And do you know about P73 Wild Mediterranean Oregano? It is the first cure we reach for and keeps us well year round. It's available at the health food store. Take 5 drops 3 X daily under the tongue (have a glass of juice ready; the stuff is hot and tastes nasty-don't get it on your tongue!). Feel better soon!!!