Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Angel Tree

Each Christmas our church is a part of something awesome -- it's called Angel Tree.

On our Christmas tree are little pieces of paper in the shape of angels.  Each has the name of a child who has a parent incarcerated.  Members pull a name/names from the tree and provide gifts for them.  There are suggestions and sizes on the papers to give them guidance.  After all the gifts are purchased and brought to church where they can be wrapped, our church hosts a big party for the kids.  That party was this Sunday.  It's always such fun for the kids and brings a piece of their parents to their heart. 

For those who are unable to make the party -- I get to be the big red sleigh (with wheels) and deliver their gifts to their homes.

Yesterday was one of my delivery days.  God never ceases to amaze me at how He works and how He cares!

My first stop was way, way, way, way out in the boonies!  I thought I would never get there and when I did . . . the grandmother had warned me about the drive way but no warning could prepare me for that driveway!!!!  She lived back off the road and the holes in that drive would bury a small VW!  I may have a big truck but it's not 4 wheel drive so there was no way I could attempt it.  I packed the bag over my shoulder and the other one on the other arm and headed off for a "jaunt" up (yes, up hill) the driveway.  She met me at the porch and would not allow me to come inside -- she was too embarrassed at how things looked!  But all she could do was thank me, bless me and praise Jesus!!!  She is the grandmother raising 3 kids while her daughter is incarcerated!!  What an angel she is!

As I left there and headed to my next stop I just couldn't get her off my mind.  God wasn't done with me or her yet -- I just didn't know that.

I arrived at the next stop and this was also a grandmother raising 2 children!  Made me appreciate my own children a bit more, that's for sure!  And to thank God for keeping them on the right path, not only as they grew up - but now also!

My first grandmother had called me a bit earlier asking if there might be any "left over things" from the party for a friend of hers.  She explained the situation to me -- another heart wrencher -- and that this little 3 year old boy wasn't going to have anything under his tree for Christmas!  Now I don't know about you -- but in my book that's just wrong!  We didn't have "left overs" but as always - God stepped in and now this little boy will have some cool toys, an outfit of clothes and a pair of pajamas to open on Christmas morning! 

And this morning -- all my Bible studies for the day talked about was helping the poor, giving to those who need to see His love in action, being and doing what God called us to do!  I love how He confirms each thing He asks us to do!

So . . . I am challenging EACH ONE of you to find someone who isn't as fortunate as you this Christmas!  You won't have to look far and they won't be hard to find!  Then . . . pray about what God would have you do to make that situation a bit better -- atleast for this Christmas!  And after He has told you ---- DO IT!!!!!  Be the angel in someone else's life -- be the hands and feet of Jesus and instead of telling someone about His love --- show them!!!!!!!

Blessed to be a blessing!!!!!

I am looking forward to my next delivery tomorrow!!!!!!!

Until next time . . . "embrace the upside-down virtues of My kingdom and lift up those who have little.  Though they have little, they are loved much.  Love them as you love yourself.  In extneding unexpected kindness and mercy to those who cannot help themselves, you will find that My mercy overflows to you, overwhelming you with goodness and grace."

"Lord, your mercy overwhelms me -- help me to share it lavishly with those who have little."

Susan and Monty

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