Saturday, December 10, 2011

Rockin' Saturday

The man is a machine when it comes to hanging sheetrock!  John is a contractor who is used to working jobs that he bids out -- he gives the client a price and no matter how long it takes to do the work - it's the same price.  So when it comes to working --- time is money --- and he has no time to waste!  With the help of Rob's lift they were able to put up the 12 foot pieces of ceiling sheetrock with ease. 

The tail gate of John's truck says it all!  And to save you the time of looking up that scripture, "Seek the Kingdon of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need."  Amen to that!  He's doing just that with Michael's rebuild.

It's always such a blessing to have a father and son team come and volunteer.  Keith and Jonathon are amazing.  Most teens would have more than a little trouble learning and then taking correction from their fathers.  Not this team.  I have so enjoyed watching Jonathon grow up.  I remember the first time he and his dad came to Mississippi for a week.  Jonathon was only 11 years old and not at all impressed with any of the work needing done.  The second day he started out by traveling with Monty and I.  After feeding him a good breakfast and stopping back by the job his dad and the team were working on (gutting a house) he managed to get into the swing of it and as most boys are -- he found it fun to do some demolition work!  He is learning so much by listening to his dad and I see his heart grow and change and want to reach out and help others!  What an example both of them are for the rest of the world!

Schel, who provided and installed the brand new heating and air system, came back to help out again today.  And for the first time --- he wasn't underneath the trailer!  He actually got to come inside where it was warm and helped hang sheetrock!  In this picture you can see the yellow lift that helps get the sheetrock to the ceilings.  Micheal is underneath cranking it up as they direct.  No one is allowed to just sit back and watch -- even if you are in a wheelchair!!   :)

Monty and John were the only ones who couldn't enjoy the new heating system.  They were working outside, on top of the trailer, rebuilding the new vent for that system.  Each was dressed for the occasion and got alot of hard work done.  The old vent had to come out and the new one installed and sealed properly.  Alot of scraping old "goo" and putting on new "goo."  They got it done and I guarantee there won't be leaks around that vent!

It was a great day -- a day that had Michael smiling from ear to ear -- a day he had waiting for since we started this project.  And once again -- the dollar amount that had been donated just this week was the exact dollar amount we needed to do the job!  Chaulk it up to yet another miracle in a long line of them already -- and I know there are many more to come!

To those men who came out on this really cold day and spread warmth that can't be measured with the thermometer -- God bless you for your hearts of service and your obedience to follow them!

Until next time . . . what an awesome God we serve!!!!                        Susan and Monty

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