Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Sputtered to a stop

Yep --- I was headed south to Michael's to exchange his left over sheetrock for primer yesterday when plans took a change.

As I was traveling along the highway enjoying the peace and quiet and lost in my thoughts -- all of a sudden my truck started sputtering and spitting and feeling like it had no power.  Within seconds I realized I needed to get off the highway and out of the way of traffic.  I pulled over at the stop light just a few feet in front of me and by that time the truck had completely died and I coasted to a stop.  I tried to restart it but . . . nothing doing! 

My first call was to Michael to let him know I wouldn't make it there.  The next call was to Monty.  And the next call was to the towing company.  Just as I got off the phone with the towing company and knowing it would take them almost 30 minutes to get to me -- Michael called me back.  He asked me if I had 2 fuel tanks on my truck?  Yes.  He told me to flip the switch to the other tank and then try and start it.  Bingo!  Started right up!  He told me that the fuel pump on the other tank had gone out.  Wow!

So I quickly called the towing company back and cancelled my request.  Then I called Monty, who was already on his way to me, and told him I was headed to the closest gas station because my other tank was less than a quarter full.  When I got this truck one thing Monty had told me was to never let a tank get completely empty before changing to the other one.  Good advice!  Just in case of an emergency, he said.  Thank goodness I took his advice to heart!

So I didn't make it to Michael's but I did make it to the gas station and home.  Thank you Michael -- my engine angel!  He didn't get his primer but that will hopefully happen later this week.

The other problem is that I am sick as a dog with a nasty sore throat and cold!  I didn't feel well on Saturday or Christmas day and tried to fight it . . . and am still fighting.  But yesterday went downhill fast and today is the same.  So with all the snow falling and the way I feel --- it's a day where I am staying home, resting (which is very difficult for me) and praying this won't last long and that the scratchy ears that Monty had when he went to work this morning will also be prayed away with all your prayers added to ours!

God sometimes changes our plans but one thing I have learned --- I'd much rather follow His plans than mine!  He knows what's best and even though we may not understand the whole thing -- it's all about trust!

Until next time . . . thanks for the prayers.                          Susan and Monty

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