Saturday, December 31, 2011

Looking Back . . . and Ahead

This is what it looked like around here 2 days after Christmas!  And today the temps are to reach the mid 50's! 

The contrasts remind me of this past year!  Is it possible that we've reached the end of another year?  I remember when everyone was wondering what would happen when we reached the year 2000 and now that is 11 years behind us! 

Some of us might be quite sad today, thinking back on this past year and how we wish things could have been different - better.  How we could have been different - better. 

Others of us might be very happy today, glad the old year is ending and looking forward to the chance to start it all over and hopefully this time have it be better.

Either way -- depending on our moods and circumstances -- there is one thing that never changes and one thing we should be shouting from the roof tops --- God is good, God loves us with an unconditional love and He never changes!!!!!!

In January I started a reading program that would have me read through the Bible in a year.  It's one of those things that I had always meant to do -- and then just never did.  I guess I thought that since I spent 8 years in the Lutheran school with both religion and memory work as additional letter grades that I sort of "knew it all" -- even though I had never read the entire Book!  Amazing how ridiculous we can be in our thinking, isn't it!

This morning --- I did it!  I finished the entire plan and must say that I am quite pleased that God gave me the ability to stick with it!  I made the promise to myself that I would begin each day with reading His Word and doing so not only changed each day -- it changed my life!  The insights and revelations have been life changing! 

The very last verse that was on my reading plan this morning was this, "Praise the Lord."

How appropriate for the ending of one year and the beginning of another!  It says it all, it covers everything, it leaves nothing out and if we all really and truly think about our lives (good and bad) we will realize that it's the MOST important thing we can do to both end this year and start the new one!

From both Monty and I --- we praise and thank God for each and every one of you and want to both close this year and start the new one with His promise for all of us; "Jesus is coming for you, dear one.  This is a promise your heart can rest in fully as you watch, listen and serve.  The rooms are ready, the gate is open.  He can't wait to wrap us in His arms!"

Until next time . . . "Praise the Lord."                                Susan and Monty

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