Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Steps forward

Now that the holidays are in the past and we can move forward --- yes, when you work in disaster relief the holidays can sort of get in the way -- today was the first day of moving forward!

Back to Bible study and what a refreshing morning that was -- I really needed every word!

Monty was back working on rebuilding trailers and as long as he can stay dry and warm who knows how long he'll be working!  He was excited to go this morning since we went to the doctor and got some ear drop meds to clear up the outer ear infection!

Michael gave me the good news that he and his family got the extra sheetrock taken back and were able to purchase 5 gallons of primer.  They have all been working away and have almost everything primed.  They also got excited and painted the master bedroom and are really happy with the color.  Pastor Martie is a retired interior designer and she did the color selections so everyone is excited to see and as long as Michael is happy -- we are all happy!

This Saturday's work day will hopefully find both Monty and our contractor friend, John, outside skirting his trailer.  The temps look good and this will really make a visible difference as well as a warmth difference with his home.  Hopefully we will have enough volunteers to finish any painting needing done and can start installing the wall mounted bathroom sinks and closing up the electrical outlets and switches too.

It's exciting to move forward and Michael is so ready that he is actually taking funding that he usually uses for wood to heat his home and putting those funds into things for the house.  He smiled as he told me about how the wind was pouring through his curtains these past few days.  We've had winds in excess of 25 mph and he has felt the brash cold coming in on all sides!  We need to get this home completed and blessed as soon as possible so he can know what it's like to be warm - without wood!

As we were discussing the cost of paint after Bible study Pastor Martie's daughter overheard our conversation and here she came -- and covered the entire cost of the paint!!!!  Once again God providing just what we need right when we need it!  He's been that way the entire time, never too late and always right on time!  It's awesome to see His Almighty hand work right before our eyes!  Thank you Lord! 

As for Don's house -- Monroe is still working on trying to gather his team of volunteers and should be able to make progress now that the holidays are past!  The weather is a real issue and we are praying that we can match up a team of volunteers with the perfect weather they will need to remove his old and more than destroyed roof and put on a brand new on and stop the rain and snow from pouring inside!!!  Please keep this entire situation in your prayers!!

So forward we go!  It's exciting to be getting closer and closer with Michael's.  It's exciting to watch God work and we are so thankful for every blessing He has bestowed on all of us!

Until next time . . . blessed to bless others!  Not just during the holidays!!        Susan and Monty

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