Saturday, January 15, 2011


They say a picture is worth a thousand words -- if only they could tell you just how cold it is here!!!

Last night was incredible and powerful beyond imagination! We had times of worship and praise with songs, times of intense prayer, more praise and worship, teachings and more teachings, healings and through it all God was "in the house."

We got it all started around 8:00pm and I made it till nearly 3:00 am. I should have stayed for the duration because even though I came home and went to bed there was no sleep. God kept waking me up every hour on the hour until I finally gave up and got up around 9:00am. So many things were going on in my head and in my heart. The entire night was so powerful for me and brought me so much closer to God. I am so thankful to be a part of this small yet mighty church! I know the folks in Ecuador felt God touching them because we felt Ecuador and their prayers touching us. Yes, they also held an all night prayer session last night -- for their Pastors who are now here in Texas and for the miracles they know will come from their visit.

Be sure and stay tuned as those Pastors arrive here next Friday and I am blessed to be able to go along to the airport where I will meet them and have a bite to eat with them on the return trip home.

But now -- my focus shifts to my family -- my dad. Tomorrow we are celebrating his 80th birthday. His actual birthday is Monday but tomorrow is our celebration. I cannot believe he's 80 --- what a blessing to live that long! My brother from Florida is here, flew up so he wouldn't miss the celebration. My dad isn't really the celebrating type -- he just wanted a quiet time with family -- like our family is quiet???? He's lost more hearing than he thinks!! :) We are excited to be able to get together as a family again and my thanks goes out to God for choosing such an amazing family for me to "land" in!! I hope to have a few pictures to share with you later.

Until next time . . . celebrate your own family and thank God for the power of prayer!

Susan and Monty (and Bitty and Samson)

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