Thursday, January 27, 2011

And today they leave . . .

Very first -- Monty's grandmother is resting comfortably. She was having chest pains yesterday but we have no further word as of this morning. No news is good news!
I'm going to do the best I can to describe the past couple of days -- bear with me!!
Tuesday morning we had regular Bible study -- but -- it was anything but regular! Pastor Heidi had the message for us and it was power packed! She went back into the Bible into Samuel and brought the message from God then --- to now -- and what a blessing for all of us!
Tuesday night Monty and I had our first "real" missions training class -- and we already had a new student! Kayla decided to follow God's call on her life instead of her own and she enrolled in class and is ready to go. Our first lesson was on "Why God thinks He can use you" and everyone left with a different and new prospective on missions and themselves as a vital part. They were even anxious to start on their homework! :)
Wednesday is always my day with my grandchildren - a day I love! My 5 year old grandson just can't get over the fact that the radio in my truck doesn't work. Yesterday he broke down and told me he would buy one for me -- with the one million dollars he has in his piggy bank! I have to have his mother check that piggy bank!!!! :)
Last night was church back in Bedford. Monty was a bit under the weather and our neighbor, Shelley (who majored in Spanish in college) went along with me. Another student from our class, Chad, also met us there. It was fabulous! Four of the Pastors were ordained under the covering of Stonegate Faith Center - at their request! Stonegate is soon to be renamed "Stonegate Faith Center International" -- and for good reason!
Pastor Ramiro gave his testimony and once again Pastor Angel delivered the message. One not soon forgotten! He challenged us all to watch what comes from our mouths and to step up and face our fears knowing that all we are going through is training!
Well --- Pastor Martie must feel like her "training" has been taken to another level!!! Yesterday morning she took a fall in their garage at home and broke her arm in 2 places! She spent the entire day in the ER at the hospital and refused to let them set her arm as she had to be at church last night! She will be returning today. She was strapped up and in pain but she was there to bless these Pastors and their wives and to hear the blessings they had for she and Pastor Jan!
Pastor Angel has already invited Pastors Jan and Martie to come to Lima, Peru in March to preach and also mentioned going to the Congo! When they were told years ago that they would "go to the nations" they had no idea --- but God knew the plan and it's only just beginning!
You can see all the pictures above. They only touch the surface and cannot possibly relay all that has been happening over the past days. It was so sad to say goodbye to them last night but we know God holds the Plan and all we need do is stay alert and stay obedient and it will all come to pass and be above and beyond anything we could possibly imagine in our feeble human way of thinking!
So, to Pastor Angel and his wife Cathleena, Pastor Ramiro, Pastor Hosea and his wife Isabella, Pastor Ortorro and his wife Sandra, Pastor Caesar and his wife Blankeeta, Pastor Edison and his wife Teresa, Pastor Henry and his wife Heidi and son Haneinell ---- we say thank you, bless you and you have changed our lives forever! We so look forward to God's Almighty Plan!
God's peace go with you as you travel home today!
Until next time . . . "we're going to the nations" -- God's way!!!! Susan and Monty

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