Monday, January 31, 2011

Crash . . .

Today we wait, we watch the skies, count the hours and keep a close eye on the weatherman! Will it rain, will it ice, will it snow? It seems we are on some sort of "line" that could go any or all of the above. Either way -- it's looking like an upcoming mess!

Either way -- we are fine right here at home and if we have to cancel tomorrow nights mission class we will just do so and schedule a make up date.

But for now . . . we wait!

I, on the other hand, have just returned from an unscheduled doctor visit! Since November I have had 3 bouts with some sort of sinus "something" and when it hit again last evening - this time like never before - I caved in and made the visit to the local walk in clinic. I'm not one to go the doctor let alone take prescriptions -- but there comes a time! If I didn't do something I was convinced my entire head just might explode! Really!

The doctors conclusion? My sinuses have been affected by all the "stuff" we breathe in while in the field of disaster work! Okay, so we are around mold of a thousand kinds, dust of unknown origins, lead paint, fungus "stuff" from water and waste and muck --- but --- I guess coming home brought about some new "seasonal" things that have my sinus area raging!!!! So a couple of prescriptions -- one donated sample since we have no medical insurance -- and some heavy prayers will hopefully bring me back to somewhere near normal! I don't do sick very well - just ask Monty! :) I guess there really is a reason to wear those masks when checking houses!!!!

Speaking of Monty -- his grandmother is doing well and might have been released from the hospital today? If not, any day now. She was starting some rehab therapy and for 86 years old she's one tough lady!

Please continue to pray for Pastor Martie as she might be facing surgery on her broken shoulder and arm breaks! I was hoping to get an update at Bible Study in the morning but . . .

Until next time . . . blessings to all!!! Be safe!!! Susan and Monty

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