Saturday, January 22, 2011

Ecuador sees snow!!??

I forgot to take my camera -- so sorry -- but there WILL be pictures over the next few days so bear with me!

All of the Ecuadorian Pastors, their wives and even a 9 year old son arrived at the Indianapolis airport yesterday. When we arrived they had their bags and were ready to go --- they thought! When we opened the doors to the outside they all shrieked --even the men -- at the single digit temps!!! We had brought along extra coats as we knew some only had a light jacket on. They were doubling up with coats and even then were freezing! We all learned the Spanish word for freezing first thing! :)

We had a 15 passenger van packed to the seams and an additional truck pulling a tool trailer that had all their luggage inside. The trip back to Bedford was close to 2 hours and they kept thinking that when we got to Bedford they would then be in Indiana! I'm not sure they ever truly understood that they were already in Indiana!

Pastors Martie and Jan were standing in the doorway of their home ready to welcome everyone! The screams, the smiles, the tears -- all of it God annointed! Ms Jerri had been there most of the day preparing a variety of delicious soups, meats, cheeses, breads and desserts! Everyone eagerly dug in and had such fun trying to talk to each other with interpreters here and there -- on overload! But as we have seen so many times -- God steps in and all barriers are broken and conversation comes easy!

They brought along DVDs of their experiences in Texas at Kenneth Copeland's annual conference -- all were so touched by the Holy Spirit and Kenneth even came and individually met and blessed each one! Tears of joy were endless!

We also got to see videos of their homeland, their churches and their congregations! The beauty of Ecuador was breath-taking. It is the goal of Stonegate Faith Center -- a small church in a small town in Indiana -- to build a church -- in the mountains -- for these people!! The excitement -- the committment -- the blessing -- the joy -- is uncontainable and without a doubt is a command from God. You can feel His annointing, His blessing and His will all around! Monty and I are so excited, so thankful and so blessed to be a part of this Divine Plan!

By the time we left they were all being divided among the 3 households caring for them over the next few days. The little boy was just awaiting another play time in the snow!! Somehow I imagine him knee deep in it first thing this morning -- learning what sledding is and covered in snow from head to toe! God has to be smiling from ear to ear!

Tomorrow we will be heading to this little church in Bedford to hear what God has for all of us. The Pastors are going to speak along with messages from Pastors Jan and Martie so I think I may need to pack an energy bar in my purse as who knows how long we will be there worshiping and praising and thanking God for this "God-guided adventure."

Please keep everyone in your prayers -- the nations are here -- and "with God, NOTHING is impossible." Be blessed. Susan and Monty

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