Tuesday, January 11, 2011

One Week

When we went to bed last night the grass was showing, the roads were clear and the skies poised for change. Change it did!

We awoke this morning to I don't know how many inches of snow covering the ground and it hasn't stopped all day long. The beauty is hard to describe! As I stood outside around 7:30 this morning listening to the muffled silence, only the sound of birds could be heard, I thought of God's beauty and how He says we are as white as snow in His eyes. All the "yuck" gone and replaced with pure white beauty! Won't heaven be incredible!

Schools here and all around are closed. But we are one week away from the first day of our missions training school and I am so excited to see who God brings to fill the seats! From day one Monty and I have placed our trust in God to bring those He wants to bring -- those interested in learning more about missions and their calling on their own lives. One week -- 7 days -- and we are ready!

Thank you, Lord, for seeing us as pure white--as clean--as sinless! You are a great God!

Until next time . . . Susan and Monty

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