Tuesday, January 25, 2011


This is a special blog -- more about the Ecuadorians later today (hopefully) --- but for now ---

Just as Monty and I were preparing to leave for the dinner for the Ecuadorians last evening he received a phone call that the ambulance was on the way to his Granny's house. Her monitor had been set off and they could get no response from her.

The next call said they were taking her to the hospital by ambulance and doing chest compressions along the way.

He headed to the hospital and through text messages back and forth let me know that she was indeed having a heart attack and the cardiologist was on the way.

Late into the evening they did a catheretization and found 4 blocked arteries. They were able to place stents into 3 of them and clear (mostly) the 4th. They decided enough was enough as she is 86 years old and want to carefully monitor that 4th artery before proceeding further.

When Monty left late last night she was resting much more comfortably and we did not receive any phone calls during the night -- praise God!

He will be returning this morning to visit with her and hopefully give her encouragement as he went through this same procedure at the young age of 39!!!! He has 2 stents in his heart and his doctor told him he should live to see 90!!!

Please cover Granny in prayer -- along with the doctors and nurses caring for her. She was quite frightened and although it's "over" for now -- she needs plenty of prayer and we know just how powerful all of you are in prayer!

Bless you and thank you and I will do my best to keep you updated.
Until next time . . . in His love and healing power. . . Susan and Monty

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