Wednesday, January 19, 2011

And we're off . . .

Last night was great! Our missions training school is officially off and running!

We have 6 students, 6 students who want to be there, who want to learn more about missions and who are committed to reading the lessons, doing the homework and listening to God's call for their lives.

Pastor Dave and Pastor Bruce and his wife, Karen, Chad and Del from our home church and Mary from my Tuesday morning Bible Study. A great group of people!

Our orientation is complete and their books are being shipped this week and should be here in time for our first official class next Tuesday. It's exciting for Monty and I to see their excitement and we are actually looking forward to going through the classes ourselves since it's been 4 years! God always has something more to teach us and just because we did it once doesn't mean we learned it all -- a far cry from it!

Please remember to keep us all in your prayers. God has something special for each class member and He always has something far better and more special than we can even imagine!

Also --- another winter storm is on the way and we are expected to be pounded with quite a bit tonight through tomorrow!!! Good ole' Indiana winter at it's best!

Until next time . . . blessings to all. Susan and Monty

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