Sunday, January 23, 2011

God - Ordered Time

At tomorrow nights dinner I WILL take pictures!!!

A church service like none other -- a good way to describe this morning and into the afternoon!

Pastor Ramira (don't hold me to these spellings), Pastor Angel and his wife Cathleena, Pastor Hosea and his wife Isabella, Pastor Caesar and his wife Blankeeta, Pastor Ortorro and his wife Sandra, Pastor Henry and his wife Heidi and son Hanienell and Pastor Edison and his wife Teresa were all at Stonegate Faith Center this morning. It was a God - ordered time!

Ecuador and Indiana are now in a Forever Covenant! Pastor Jan (Stonegate) was even awarded a special military pin honoring he and Pastor Martie as "spiritual parents" for Ecuador!

After introductions and a short message from each Ecuadorian Pastor and their wives Pastor Angel had a Word for all of us. He had been sitting on the side lines waiting to give his message and was nearly ready to burst at the seams as God was pouring forth "big time." Pastor Angel proclaimed to all of us that this is a time where God wants to open the skies on our lives. He asked us each to receive this revelation and not let the enemy rob us of this blessing.

He took us back to the Bible where God spoke of the land of Canaan as the "land of plenty, of fruit and honey" -- and told us we were to take the promised land for ourselves. As a symbol and promise of that land he and the rest of the Ecuadorian pastors brought out grapes and a bowl of honey. We all took our turn of taking a grape and dipping it in the honey. He asked us to be brave, work hard and persevere!

Pastor Angel blessed Pastor Jan and Pastor Martie with a plaque in thanks for their coming to Ecuador and pledging to continue to help them, pray for them and that this was just the beginning of God's Divine Plan.

All the Ecuadorian Pastors lined up in front of the church and asked that we all come up for prayer. Pastor Edison prayed over Monty and I and even though his prayers were in Spanish it made no difference. I could feel his hands shaking as the Holy Spirit poured out through him into both of us. He prayed for "refilling" -- little did he know . . .

They continued their praying for all of us and closed with focusing in on one gentleman who is in a wheelchair, Michael. God poured through all 7 of those men from Ecuador and as they helped support Michael he got out of his wheelchair and took enough steps to get him to the other side of the church! The cheers roared through the walls, the praises rang out as though the ground was shaking. Michael was in tears -- tears of sheer joy!!!

Pastor Angel proceeded to give his wrist watch to another gentleman in the congregation who had a special prophecy over this day -- long ago!!!

It was an amazing day! It was a blessed day! It was a day ordained by God, scheduled by Him! It was a day I am so blessed to be a part of!

Pastors Jan and Martie and just getting started! They are so humbled that God chose them - a small church in a small town -- but He chose them!

Today we stood in God's Plan! I plan on taking today and keeping it in my heart forever! I don't know what God has in mind for the next step --- but one thing I do know --- it's going to be beyond anything we could dream or imagine and I will do (go) whatever (wherever) He calls!

Thank you Pastor Martie (and Sus) for being obedient and taking that first step of going to Ecuador. You had no idea -- God had THE idea -- and He still does. He's just getting started and we should all buckle up --- it's going to be the ride of our lives!!!!

Until next time . . . I look forward to tomorrow nights dinner where each Pastor from Ecuador will be sharing their testimony around a meal fit for kings!!!! Thank you Lord! Thank you!
Susan and Monty

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