Monday, January 17, 2011

Happy Birthday Daddy

Happy 80th Birthday to my Daddy!
What a milestone! What a blessing! Where did those years go?
Well, looking at the picture of myself and my 3 brothers you can see that none of us are teenagers so I guess some of the years went there!
Yesterday we all got together and had a wonderful time helping him celebrate. Even his two sisters stopped in for some cake and ice cream punch. My youngest brother and sister in law have a house on one of the local lakes and we all had fun remembering, laughing, laughing some more and of course -- taking pictures!
Some of the grandchildren had written letters to Grandpa telling them how he has touched their lives. They were fantastic, so personal and so filled with love. I think we all make the mistake and wait until it's too late to let our families know how much we love them.
With our family it always seems like there's the "funny of the day" thing and yesterday didn't disappoint us. Just as one of my aunts sat down with her piece of birthday cake the dog decided he needed that cake more than she did and in less than a blink of the eye . . . yep, cake was everywhere and the dog went from helping us celebrate to having to sit in the car as punishment! You just have to laugh!!!!!! And we all did until late in the evening! My aunt took it quite well and after all was cleaned up even she was smiling!
It was a great day -- mainly because God has blessed us with a great daddy. So great that my brother who lives in Florida flew in to celebrate. All my life my daddy has been the picture of true "love" as God talks about in the Bible and I am so thankful for that!
Today is his actual birthday and all I can do is thank my eternal Father for giving me such a great and loving earthly father!
Until next time . . . love you Daddy!! 80 is SUCH a blessing!!!!!!! Susan and Monty

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mbrougher38 said...

It WAS a wonderful celebration!! Loved seeing you all. Could have stayed all night. Love ya!! Shucks, here you are this close and we have only had lunch once!!