Friday, January 14, 2011

An all nighter?

Night time snowfall is beautiful!

I know I have mentioned attending Bible Study each Tuesday morning and how special that morning is for me. This church is just getting started in the mission field and it's so exciting. The Pastor and one of her friends spent a month in Ecuador and the long range goal is to build a church there, up on one of the mountains.

In the meantime -- God touched that country so greatly that 6 of their Pastors are now in the United States attending Kenneth Copeland's conference in Texas and next week they will be here in Indiana for nearly a week! They have brought their wives with them and one brought their 9 year old son. It's so exciting to see what God has already done and even more exciting to know He has so much in store for all of us!

Tonight I am attending an all night prayer vigil for these Pastors and all involved. It should be awesome and I hope to have a full report over the next couple of days.

Monty and I have made ourselves available to be of any help possible in this new God-adventure! We know from experience that all God asks for is our obedience -- He has all the plans!

Please join us in prayer. The nations are coming to us!!!! We CAN change the world! We WILL change the world --- with God's help!

Until next time . . . be blessed! Susan and Monty

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