Wednesday, June 10, 2009


Yes, I suppose when we receive tshirts, truck magnets and name tags we are official!!! And we are thrilled. The yellow shirts are quite bright and remind me of the sunshine of the Lord shining down.

I think I once again met myself coming and going over the past couple of days. Why is it that I find myself only being able to blog every couple of days? I don't really want more hours to the days but I must need them?!

Yesterday took us to downtown Houston to the UMCOR headquarters for a bit of paperwork. We actually made it in and out without getting lost -- thanks to our faithful GPS. From there it was back here where I spent the entire rest of the day and night preparing cases to bring to the long term recovery to request additional funding. Getting all the documentation prepared and lined up properly takes quite alot of time and I am working on about 7-8 cases that need presented. I will have 2 of them ready for tomorrow so please pray for the clients.

This morning started very early with our weekly meeting with UMCOR folks. We reviewed all the homes that are being worked on and those "in the hopper" waiting for us. We also reviewed the list of the incoming volunteers. Monty and I will be responsible for nearly 90 volunteers next week --- did I mention needing more hours in the days! Maybe not??!! We also got some other details lined up to prepare for next week. Along with those we are managing there are another 130 scheduled for the other construction coordinator, Sandy, to manage. Praise the Lord!

Monty spent his morning rounding up paperwork for me for homeowners. He loves to also use that time to minister to and pray with those homeowners -- God taking those giftings and putting them to His use.

I did receive word that the 4 cases I presented last week were all approved and the checks are ready to be picked up --- and spent! We will be ordering materials for Mariano and Maria's home and sending a team there Monday morning. Victor's kitchen cabinets will follow and Butch and Teresa will also be able to purchase the materials they need to complete their home. Praise the Lord and order the materials!!

Late this afternoon we headed out to meet the folks at McCoy's. This is the supply store that we will be dealing with through UMCOR. It's so very important to make the trip and meet the managers and staff to let them know what we are doing and why they are such an important piece to the entire puzzle. They were thrilled and will be there for us to not only come to the homeowner's home to do an estimate but can also take our home measurements and turn them into product to be used to apply for funding and then make the purchase to do the work. Like we've said before --- it's all about relationships!

Speaking of relationships --- a couple of really important prayer requests for Monty's family. His niece gave birth to a wonderful and healthy baby girl -- please say a prayer of thanks. And Tony, Monty's step father is seriously ill. He had a kidney removed a few years ago and is having problems with the existing one. He has been running a high fever and has the doctors watching him closely. He and Monty's mother, Judy, can use all the prayers they can get and we thank you ahead of time for them.

I also have one for my Aunt Miriam -- a bit overdue. Seems she and her daughter caught some sort of bug while on a short vacation. Her bug turned into a nasty kidney infection which has caused her to be quite sick also. Please include her in your prayers. (what is it with the kidneys?)

Until next time . . . be blessed. Susan and Monty

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